Sweatcoins earned by myself


I have a question. To by 75" 4K Samsung Smart TV I need to earn all 20 000 Sweatcoins by myself. What if my friend sent me 3 000 Sweatcoins. Where and when do they go? For example, do they go for monthly subscription for “Quaker”. Or for another purchase, that doesn’t need the Sweatcoins earned by me?


You can buy other stuff and that purchase price will come out of the transfer fund over the earned fund first I’ve found


And what about monthly subscription for example for “Quaker” ?


In theory, Monthly Subscription for Quaker will be deducted from your transferred SWC first (i.e. the 3k SWC as sent by your friend)

But not to worry too much, as by the time you are closer to 20k earned SWC, the marathon reward scheme will be change to global Auction scheme which likewise, will require your earned SWC to bet for it