Sweatcoins earned on Apple Watch not showing up


I go for a run and start the sweatcoin app, leaving my phone behind. App runs and logs (I check throughout). I end the workout and get the notification that the server is working its magic and I’ll be notified when I get my sweatcoins applied. But, the sweatcoins never show up. It’s not an isolated occurrence because it’s happened each time. Not sure what I can do differently as there are not many ways for me to mess it up on my end (I definitely am tapping done, not push, and have also just tried leaving the watch app on this screen and touching nothing).
Currently have .64 swc for the day with 2270 steps recorded on my phone and that’s it. I ran 6 miles outside (attached screenshot).


Same thing again today. Hoping this gets resolved as I see little point in continuing this apps usage if it does not work.