Sweatcoins Generation Stopped


This has been a problem for several days. It says to open the app to continue generating sweatcoins, but nothing happens. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times a day and it never goes past me putting in my name. I’m very frustrated.

Android 10 testers needed


same problem here.
I am a mailman en walk every day 3to 5 hours, but today the app count nothing. So i deinstalled en reinstalled it for several times.
The only thing i can give in is my name.
Normaly now the app ask your phone number but nothing happend. I have wait for hours.
Not funny.
Support say i must use in app service. Very funny when you not can use the app in the first place.



I want to install the app on the phone of my daughter.
It’s the same.
Not working.
I use the redmi 9t pro Android 10.
My daughter the Huawei 30pro Android 10.


Thanks for the update. I have a Google Pixel. I hope they figure it out soon.


Samsung S10 SM-G973F dual
Android 10 ( samsung One UI 2.0 Android 10 )

until a few days ago there was no problem. An update came from android 9 to android 10. almost all my old programs are compatible, only the audio recording program does not work legally. but it seems that sweetcoin is working, but I have not counted the steps for 2-3 days, then looked at it does not open. I removed it, erased it, cleaned it, and then downloaded it again and cleanly installed it. But now it won’t open and it’s failing.
Sweetcoin generation stopped.


It is currently broken for Android 10. I am currently running the beta version for Android 10 and its stable but the algorithm is pretty messed up. For indoor steps I’m getting a 1% conversion rate which is almost not worth it.

Outside I’m getting closer to 50% but thats it. The beta version also does not have a daily bonus feature yet, its still broken. So they are working hard on this! Hopefully a fix soon, or if you want to join the beta to get some steps in now hit up Oleg!


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I downloaded version 17.4 apk en installed it.
It works goed for me again exept inside steps of course.
I downloaded it on the internet not the Playstore.



where does one find the 17.4 apk?

Thanks in advance


website apk mirror.
But it is version 17.2 not 17.4.


I had the same problem with version 17.4. I reinstalled 16.1 all is fine.


I’ve had to go back from 17.? to 16.1 to get my conversion to work at a more accurate rate after weeks of problems. I’ve just had to train myself not to say ‘update all’ when I’m updating apps now, as I don’t want to put the newer version of Sweatcoin back on !!!


Fast forward a year, and we are on version 41,which still plays up