Sweatcoins says to turn on Location


When I want to open sweatcoin to generate steps, I cant even put on steps because of the location thing. When I open “fix settings” I only see Contacts, Motion & Fitness, Siri & Search, Notifications, Background App Refresh, and Cellular Data. Contacts, Motion & Fitness, Background App Refresh, and Cellular Data are on. I don’t understand why theres no Location bar in it. Please help if seen.

Problem of the Video here.


I had this problem myself for a bit with location and motion… even with the new app version I still get daily reminders.

It’s probably going to sound a bit strange but have you tried just moving?

I know its a long shot but for some reason when I get these messages If I walk even only 20 paces with the mobile either in my hand or pocket, these notifications have just disappeared and everything returns to normal. :man_shrugging:t3:

Please note, I do not work for Sweatcoin and any suggestions or opinions are purely my own based on my own findings and experiences :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hey @YourPizzaDad.
Another reason why this might be happening is because ALL Location Services might have been switched off.
To check this, please tap that button but then press “Settings” in top left corner -> Privacy -> Location Services -> check that the main switch on the top is ON -> scroll down to Sweatcoin -> tick “Always” -> return to our app.
Happy Sweatcoining!!!