Sweatcoins V 17.3 Samsum S7


Hi all
I downloaded the latest version of Sweatcoins V17.3 onto my S7 phone from V 16.1. Was a little worried to find the latest version not converting my steps. V16.1 was doing just fine, I was getting around .9 coins for 1000 steps this was fantastic. I was about to stop using SC but thought why not try to find and download V 16.1 and see how this works and yes my steps are being converted back as the original version. Hope this info helps other users with the Samsung S7.



Hey, after downloading 17.3 try turning your phone off and on again (restarting) and check if the problem is solved.


HI I TRIED your suggestion but this did not work with version 17.3. I am back with version 16.1 and all is working fine now.



Hi Russell, have you got a link where you down loaded version 16.1? I have a s7 aswell and sounds like I’m having the same problem as you. What country are you in I’m in the uk.


I will get back later with the link a bit later as i am working a night shift at the hospital at the moment. I live in Newcastle.


Then search for sweatcoins 16.1.

Can you let me know how it goes.

Ps you will get the usual security message but the application is ok ect.


Thanks mate, but i can’t get it to download on my phone :slightly_frowning_face: well it’s downloading but coming up with message app not installed, hopefully the new version will be out soon and sort problems lol


It will be your security’s settings. Been doing some testing on v17.3. I reinstated the latest version and went for a walk and the same happened with just a fraction of steps converted. I reinstalled v16.1 again went for a walk and 80% of steps converted. Interesting.


A big thanks to you Russell, back on 16.1 now and all is good, even tried the new version 19.0 bit that wasn’t converting properly, so cheers mate :+1:


Good news all is working fine. I am tempted to avoid future updates in the future.