Sweatselfie Comp! 🤩


Hey again, sweatcoiners!

Judging from last weeks sweatcoin giveaway, it appears there are some budding photographers in the sweatcoin community, so we’re launching another comp! Fire up your phones, extend your selfie sticks, capture your walking moments, and send the selfies our way!

There’ll be 3 lucky winners for our top picks and each of you will get 100 sweatcoins! To enter, just send us a snap of where you’re out and about sweatcoining! It can be you alone, you and some fellow sweatcoiners, you and your furry friend… anything goes!

Good luck! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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In the first picture it’s me and my girlfriend in Lienz, Austria.
In the picture below still us but in Norway, we where doing the famous Trolltunga hike
and in the third picture it’s me in Lapland with a reindeer.



Too shy to take selfies so most are half face​:rofl::rofl:
Hiking at Iguasu Falls -Brazil and Franz Joseph Glacier-New Zealand


I dont often take selfies. :blush:
Me and my brother :smile: One of the last pieces of snow that we found in Norway.
Location: Norway, Fødalen park, Store Klevavatnet lake.


In Brisbane, Australia at the beachfront at Clontarf. Love Beach Walking!


Showing the beauties of Czech Republic to my US boyfriend and our vacay in Mexico :heart:.

  1. highest peak Snezkaimage
  2. Czech so-called “Grand Canyon” actually called “Big America” image
  3. Mayan pyramid Xichen-Itza image


In Spain, Cantabria, Suances


That’s awesome! I LOVED Chichen-Itza when I went to visit it! So breathtaking!


I just realized I spelled it wrong :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy:


These are looking great! Keep 'em coming! We’re going to announce the winners when we get to at least 25 snaps, so be sure to share the comp with your fellow sweatcoiners! :slight_smile:


Carr Canyon, Hereford, AZ, 5/9/19, top of the dry falls.


Thanks to everyone who entered the latest sweatselfie comp!

We had loads of great entries, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing where you get out and about, raking in them sweatcoins! though we wish you could all be winners, there can only be 3 this time. So… without further ado, here are the winners! Congrats to:

@wendy99501, @GiorgioCaffe & @Phil :star_struck:

Please reply to this thread with your sweatcoin username, and I’ll send over your 100 sweatcoins right away :raised_hands:

Thanks again to everyone who entered - watch this space for our next sweatcomp!


My sweatcoin name is Giorgiocaffe :grin:


Oh My!!! Thank You. Wendy99501


Thank you very much! I love talking to people about Sweatcoin. My sweatcoin name is: motivate

Thank you again! :smile:


:open_mouth: Enjoy your :100: sweatcoins!!