That last $500 Lululemon Gift Card Auction. Doesn't Make Sense


So, I have been keeping track of these auctions. The last $1000 Lululemon Gift Card went for 14,525 SWC. Today the $500 Lululemon Gift Card went for 15,700.54 SWC. Maybe the bidders weren’t paying attention and thought another $1000? There’s no way that should have gone over 10,000 SWC. Just my thoughts for today


The winner might be sleepy but there are so many bidder who are willing to bid over 10k for it so I do not think all of them are sleepy.

In maybe another 6 month to a year, I foresee those value over 1k items go over 30k SWC base on current trend


I agree. A basic prize is going to be 20-30K. I’m hoping within a couple of months il have enough to cash out.
Also. IMO. I reckon. They’re going to cut them £1000 gift cards all of them. If anything. They will stay but 500$ Worth only. Also… if I won a 500$ gift card. I would expect £500 in great British pounds. As @Emma said. It should show. £ for UK. $ for US. I’m British and have never been to America so I don’t understand why my currency is in $. $1000 PayPal cash is only £728. In today’s exchange rate…