The big 20000 target


Sure – that’s because we have different offers based on where you’re located. Keep an eye out for future marathon offer additions, as they come up often and aren’t always even close to 20k sweatcoins in price :slight_smile:


odd as it sounds, but can we see “all marketplace” offers? ive noticed in the old versions of SC we could change location, now we are geo-locked to our area. I would love to see the other offers and would happily pay world shipping if the offer was good ( some US offers are ship within US only, if that makes sense).


So if I go London tomorrow more offers would appear…


if your in the UK the marketplace wont change, but if you went abroad it could / should do.
i know when i had older app i could see some good offers in US,


Yeah I don’t understand why we don’t get to see others offers etc.


That’s not an option unfortunately. We stopped doing localised offers a while ago, much to do with the release of our non GPS algorithm :slight_smile:
We currently have an EU, UK, US and Rest of World marketplace, which have offers that are available to that area specifically. When there are universal offers available, they are shown across the board.


It wouldn’t be the wisest choice to show users things they’re unable to redeem :slight_smile:


It would be wise if we was happy to pay the extra postage fees etc… I wouldn’t mind seeing what USA/other places have to offer. My offers have been yoga apps and boring crap for weeks.


How exactly do I win one of the big prizes!? I am very new to this and I want to win big


Walk and max out the maximum level of 20sweatcoins a day for 5 years. Good luck.


But majority of the time I’m getting offers that’s not even my currency here. I live in the Turks and Caicos Islands :turks_caicos_islands: we use the USD but I’m getting pounds?.. or tech that uses a different type of outlets that we would use here. What am I supposed to do with those offers??


I’m only up to 1,500 now, but since the daily bonuses have just stopped working for me it’s going to take a good bit longer.


Sorry about that – we are working to build our offers and partnerships in this area of the world, but for the time being, we have stronger markets in the US and UK. I’ll be sure to pass the feedback along to our product team for the future…


Can you explain what issues you’re encountering please?


FYI a bit of an update. I actually managed to pass the creation of 20,000 Sweatcoins from steps alone :sunglasses::+1:t4: So it is definitely possible


I really would love to see that offer, the action camera, and I’d like to see some better offers in the IS that don’t cost like a bazillion SC’s I got the frank and oak offer and it wasn’t explained properly to me and that company took over 200$ from my account. This was before I ever got anything mind you. I may have gotten a fee waived and 50$ off but that’s money I don’t have. I wish they had gift cards or something else we could get instead of just a bunch of offers that are really subscriptions.
Btw, SHOUT OUT TO F&O For understanding and refunding that $ and working with me. I hate that I lost those coins but it is what it is.


there were other offers on the other non-local market places, i saw that action cam ages ago. there was a wireless charger and other stuff. all good mind you, just not seen anything recently. most changing offers are subscriptions or money off deals. not anything worth using the SC for. In UK i can get the $1000 or a set of headphones, not much else. Back in the day you could get fitbit’s or other reasonable offers. it feels as though the SC movement has lost its edge and the offers arent what they were… i could be wrong, and theres awesome offers round the corner. with in excess of 16,000 coins and now way to spend them its running out of appeal.


ironically the phone was for her when the offer was there :slight_smile: . i have a works phone so no need for one, so the redemption of the 20k SC was for her who’d given up walking lots (an irony i think :smiley: ) I appreciate the model and the trasferlocking direction it makes sense. just would be good to see the odd non-transfer locked deal to burn through those donated coins


Hey new here just wanna ask, how many people have actually achieve the 20000 target?


I guess it depends how many people are patient and how many people put the regular exercise in. With the trouble mate it shouldn’t take too long, By my calculation it will take just under a year of completing the steps to earn maximum Sweatcoins each day. I was around 1000 coins short Of the target (in converted steps anyway) when the troublemaker was introduced. Today I’ve just passed 22k Sweatcoins generated.