The big 20000 target


I reckon, it will take me just under 4 years to reach the 20k target, and I walk a lot each day.


Can I ask how many sweatcoins you get per day? Because I don’t think I could I achieve this 20,000 target in a year.


I am about a little under a quarter of the way done as of today, 08/13/2020, and I’ve had the app little under three months - I walk almost everywhere I go and if I’m late I run like mad to get there before the place closes or if I am late for work! It all pays off, and the app has constantly a new ambition to get me lost with every new update! I should say that I am slowly getting it - and I really need to just stop walking just because I get tired of not seeing the notification that I’ve made more SCs - it’s like a habit forming, for me more of a healthy self-made addiction, and I guess I am stronger and better for the wear my location permission and the data to the server records - thank you, phone carrier, for unlimited data!


Hey @Alyana With the troublemaker, users can generate up to 50swc per day from steps, plus additional coins for the boost bonus (Possible max5swc), plus the daily bonus which to be fair I don’t think I’ve had more than 5swc from in months but is possible up to 1000swc.
To keep it fair and realistic, standard day of steps with bonuses comes to around 55swc per day.

55swc x 365days = 20,075swc

There’s over 20k swc already and thats with the low end of estimating bonuses. Unless you have a complete 12 months of bad luck in bonuses, this could technically be completed a fair bit earlier.


Wouldn’t bother mate. If I was you I would delete the app and go onto another. They’ve removed the only cash out option.


What’s another app? I don’t know of many around like Sweatcoin?

At least improve the holiday offers. @Kyle93


Think there’s a few on the App Store mate… @Phatt.One knows of a few I’m sure. Yeah mate change the holidays would of been a better move.


@Phatt.One what other apps are there?


What other apps? if the 20,000 target is not worth it anymore


ThinG is mate. Phat one won’t say a bad word about this app or anyone on here. Brown nose. :joy:


@Kyle93 something needs to be done. The offers at least improve them.


It’s cruddy mate lol.