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Which did you guys like better the old daily bonus with “streaks” or the new one where you can have up to 3 daily bonus’s

  • Old Daily Bonus
  • New Daily Bonus

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I had to admit I saw several different answers to this one. Each one has its own set of arguments for and against… The one that killed it for me was realising that in order for a user to benefit from streaks they must user to Open the app daily regardless of exercise. However, the result value was always known.

On the flipside, the new approach requires us to use a commit to at least 2000 steps today in order to obtain chance of Full bonus benefit.

Is it gross I’ll be argued that the user of the discovers 25 bonus sweatcoins may then Consider to have a rest day prepaid so to speak.

Then again, would that use your van not walk the extra thousand steps to discover what is behind door number two and not be encouraged to go for number three at 2000 steps.

Although if a user breaks a streak at any point in the original bonus system, Do usual would have to restart and Effectively forfeit any bonus from further participation.

Yes, you’ve guessed that too… I honestly don’t personally have a preference. The best way to ensure you get the full bonus would be to convert more steps to coins. Of course, The key bonus to be claimed is healthy daily exercise… that will be the daily bonus with highest value… and it’s always on offer completely Free… without terms and conditions :sunglasses::+1:t4:


I have updated the app but still having 1,2,4. How can i change this? Have android 9


Get an Iphone :joy::joy::joy:
Idk how to solve this but youll probs get the update soon


Hello for a few days now I can’t get my daily bonus. I push the play button and nothing. I tried reinstalling the app and my phone but nothing works. Is there a problem, because I can’t get any daily bonus?


Having the same exact issue. Contacted support, but no fix yet.


I got the 25 about 3 weeks ago, my girlfriend got it too about 4 days ago


Is anyone else having problems with the Bonus today? I keep getting the follow note every time I try to watch an ad: