The Daily Bonus


7 Times!
How much is Sweatcoin paying you to say that :joy: jk
Personally Ive only got it twice but ive got the 10 SWC reward about 5 times


I have been using sweatcoin for almost 3 months whenever Invited someone with mu referral link I got 5 coin and 25 as viewing ads … not lying I once got 25 and 10 25 … and second time I got 25 , 5 and 0.5


For the first time in several months of using this app, I got a 0 SC “Bad Luck” bonus. That was an unexpected aggravation. I thought maybe I would try again like a non-loading ad, but no, it used up my third try! image|612x500


No way… never seen that before??


You got me too, it’s totally new to me too… didn’t think it existed. :man_shrugging:t3:

@Ashton @Oleg sorry to ping you guys but have either of you come across this rather unusual Daily Bonus message.


Imagine being bumped for a daily bonus lol.


@UncleSuperDave @Kyle93 @Phatt.One

Hey - just wanted to give you all an update on the daily bonus feature. We’ve had to recently adjusted the prizes and their probability of being won due to the policies of the advertising networks. In order to be compliant with their policies there has to be a small chance of not winning a prize :worried:…but rest assured the probability is very low!

However, there is some good news…

Firstly, we have adjusted the probability of winning the other prize amounts of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 so that on average you will receive the exact same amount of SWCs as before :raised_hands:

…and ever better news…

We’ll soon be testing a new prize pool that has greater variety of prizes with amounts from 0 to a massive 1,000 SWCs!

Also, a couple of comments on the prize pool probabilities:

  1. every user has the exact same probability of winning any prize (regardless of how many Sweatcoins you already have)
  2. with the current prizes, on average you win 2x as much as you could win with the old daily bonus streak…but we have made it such that users need to walk a little bit to unlock the 2nd and 3rd attempt of the day, which we think makes it fairer to our committed walkers, like yourselves!

We also have some cool updates in the works for the daily bonus, which we’ll be sure to share with you when they’re ready :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy to answer any additional questions you guys have - enjoy the weekend!


@Jared sounds pucca mate!!
Very exciting to give the new stuff a try :))!

20K here I come!



This sounds brilliant. Exactly what we want to hear. Sweatcoin never sit and rest always looking to improve. Love it sounds excellent. Can’t wait.

Hope everyone is safe and enjoying the gorg weather :sunny::grinning:


So your saying we can pool coins together for essentially big prizes.


The new daily excercise is brilliant.


When can we expect it for Android?


In the coming weeks I would assume @Davor


My friend once got 51 coins in one day from daily bonuses.


@Polarbear101 most I’ve ever got is 25/1/0.5. Since then 25 is a rarity lol.


@Jared @Ashton Hi. Any news of when the prize pool feature will come into the app? Sounds exciting (:


Prize pool feature what like 5000 coins each four people chips in 20K -£1000 cash goes £250 each person sounds fair. / OR. we all pool in for a holiday we can crowdfund on max being 4 people.


@Kyle93 The latter sounds good. We should do the holiday once everything is normal.


Yeah, personally I wouldn’t mind going to Amsterdam, if four people wanted to do that for.2/3 day holiday then we should be able to pool in together for that.


Maybe or Spain would be good?