The Daily Bonus


Yeah either or mate. See what we all agree on.


N now my most is 100.9 sweatcoins u can check it out at the new feature of the dail bonus




I mean my highest was like 102+ like 3 months ago or 2 months ago anyway thx sweatcoin




Wowww!!! Lucky you! :heart_eyes:


Id like daily bonous to


Download the newest app version and you will have it.


Is it true when you open daily bonuses after walk it gives more SWC to you? Then opening the daily bonuses at the end of the day is more sensible if it’s true.


Never ever heard of that…


My biggest bonus was 9 SW, usually is around 1, more or less


I was overwhelmed today!


More likely underwhelmed:grimacing:


I get 3-10 no more then that since months ago.


:joy::joy::joy:. You lol are unreal


Thanks @Kyle93. When I got 0.1 I thought at least it couldn’t get any worse but it did. Sweatcoin being Sweatcoin will prob start taking coins away soon lol :smile::smile::smile:


I tell you @Kyle93 if I fell in a pool full of tits I would come up sucking my thumb :smile:


:joy::joy::joy::joy:. Quality that mate


Perhaps a little inappropriate but I confess that has to be one of the worlds greatest analogies :rofl:


Thanks @Phatt.One - just got away with it :smile:

Oh - I got another zero today lol