The Daily Bonus


I got a 8 and a 7 I nearly fell over.


For a change, there were no zeros is in my sat. I think I may have got a full five coins today From the bonus


Few people have got the 1K twice.


I have, it’s brilliant haha


Yeah I was meaning you haha. Xbox X defo going for 20k+.


Just saying haha. Yeah will go big value I think


Very much so mate!! Hoping something comes along I can win lmao.


Tell me about it haha.


The daily bonus has seriously been reduced. Zero was quite rare and now quite rare not go get one. It’s all very bizarre, since introducing a hard cash pay membership level more and more has been taken away.


I got a total of 7.6 today for daily bonus. After I got 1 for the first ad I was so curious to see what else I would get for the other two!! O.6 and 6


That’s not bad Tina. I am hoping for the 1k one lucky day :smile:


It’s definitley not bad :joy: my total is 2.6 today second one is 0 bad luck. 🤷


Dave you got no chance. Hjahahaha


Today I got 6.5 in total. Good result if I will compare it to other days. :slight_smile:


I’ve got 7 sweatcoins.


I get 5 Sweatcoins on average lately, but I have no complaints since it’s compensating my step losses if there are any.

About a week and a half ago I got 50, which was really nice


Incredible I NEED THAT MUCH LOL :frowning::money_mouth_face:(the person who got 1k+ sweatcoins)


Most I’ve got recently in a few months is a 10. Barring that I’ve had a 50 but that was months ago… 1K would be nice


Yeah right now I have like only 3,900 sweatcoins about to hit 4,000 sweatcoins in under a year.


I’ve got 13.2K. Hoping within 3 months or so be able to win a auction.