The Daily Bonus


I hope it’s naturally generated @Kyle93 ! Great hoard :smile:


Cheers mate. Won’t be long.


Hey im only new ta dis anybody tel me whats the way ya use the coins n all


Today is my lucky day. I got 1-100-1 :slight_smile:


I got 1-50-1 decent 50 though lol.


My daily boost isn’t working… I can start the 20 mins boost time, but it doesn’t convert to any Sweatcoin, it just goes round and around. Another new update Glitch @Ashton
2 days this has gone on… 18th and 19th of November
Nevermind, the old uninstall l/install did the trick :blush:


I got 0.2 then 0 then 0.6 cant get any over 2



I got 100 earlier this week :slight_smile:


I got 1000 a month ago :grin: (in 1 time)

Normally around 2-7 a day


The last two days nothing but the analyzing circle of death. More like agonizing circle of death. Prior to this it seems the conversion rate has been lower. I won’t be bothering with the daily bonus anymore.



Every time
Every day
Bad luck
Low. Lowest. Minumum.


Last days


If it makes you feel any better whatsoever, my results have been pretty much the same for as long as I can remember. I think when the bonus maximum value went up to 25 initially, I received that bonus once possibly twice… since then to draw over 5swc has been a day of miracles. :rofl:

Somebody kindly has just liked one of my earlier posts in the same thread and it was December 2019 that I last received a bonus of 25 and that was the second occurrence.

Good job the real benefit is in the exercise :sunglasses::+1:t4:




I got 50 once and my dad 100 but that was one time and other than that my highest is 10 which I do get more often than you guys seem to get even 1 lol


I found that the endless spinning occurs every time while outside and just completing the 20 minutes. It WILL NOT convert until I get back into wi-fi range. Then it happens quickly.

I can close my Sweatcoins app after the 20 minutes and reopen it when in wi-fi range and it manages to convert each time. I also see that it now exactly matches my iphone Health app steps (I think it draws from this, as I only open the Sweatcoin app to do the daily boost and the daily bonus’ which also only seem to be available when on wi-fi). In reality, the Health app always lags up to 10 minutes showing steps, but I can see these precisely as I step with the Pacer app, which somehow draws from the Health app or directly from the iphone even before the health app shows it.



Have you tried switching your phone to Airplane Mode and then turning airplane Mode back off? I know it sounds a little messed up but it is something I’ve had a problem with in the past and for me personally, It does seem to give it a kick in the rear end. Another possible solution might be to force the app to close then reopen and retry. Just a couple of thoughts that might help. At least it can’t do any harm to try :sunglasses::+1:t4: