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Thanks for the tip, but no luck with this in the past (and out of wi-fi range, even though within cell range). At least in 2020, I returned home every evening to wi-fi, so got my “extras”. The only time it would really be an issue is when I eventually start going back on remote multi-day camping and backpacking trips where I won’t have wi-fi (or cell service, which doesn’t work for me anyway for boosts and bonus’). Then I’ll only get true steps.

The good news in activities outside walking or running is in bicycling, as long as I carry my cell phone in a deep pants pocket, I get steps counted for each pedal revolution of one leg (not so if in a shirt back pocket or on handlebars, of course). I leave Sweatcoin off and then if I exceed 10 mph, I do not get penalized, as it uses my iphone counted “steps”. (At least I read somewhere peddling over 10mph stopped step counting.) I get about 1/2 the steps as if I walked the same distance, depending on the gear and cadence I’m riding.

I also get steps by strapping my cell phone on my arm when kayaking, but I seem to recall that I only get about 500 steps a mile and have to exaggerate my arm movement when paddling. This burns a lot more calories for the same number of steps.


I’ve had 15 days of constant issues with conversions of my steps and with the bonus boost. (it’s a Huawei phone issue apparently) With the boost I’d have to switch on the WiFi but it wouldn’t count or convert the steps I’d do in that 20 mins.
Only today, after the 5th or 6th uninstall, has the app started to work again. Until the next update!!!
I’ve lost at least 175 swc. Which customer services, say they cannot reimburse my account


Sorry didn’t help you, was just a thought as it has solved similar issues for a couple of users but what works for one person might not necessarily work for another.

The speed restriction thing has come up before from various cyclists and a couple of runners too. The response has always been that there isn’t a physical speed restriction in place. I don’t know what the actual reason is. I’ll be honest, I’m not a cyclist so can’t really comment on possibilities.


Thanks Phatt.One! Although turning off and on just restarted the endless spiraling when trying to calculate the boost, I tried something new (for me) yesterday after my run (in cell range, out of wi-fi range).

I clicked the little < button at the top left to get out of the attempted calculation/conversion, in order to see how many total steps I’d taken so far that day, then returned to the boost screen and the the calculation was complete. If this works every time, then this is an easy work-around for me.


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