The fixed the approved steps issue!


So I was one of those extremely confused & VEXED, who ran 2.4km every weekday and have only less than 100 steps approved

Today, there was an update as sweatcoin requested permission to access my iphone’s recording of steps, and finally! Here’s the result of today’s 2.4km (:


hey bro u allowed Health Data to be read by Sweatcoin. And you can turn your screen off and it cunts the steps right? I have iphone so please help me i had same issue like you.


I leave the app running then put my phone to standby mode.

Basically I let it run in the background.


I must activate backoground app refresh all time in order to work?


For me don’t need. Just open the app. While I was running, the app active on my phone was mainly Nike Run (While sweatcoin was in the background)

Sometimes I’d even lock my phone during my run. Only after my run I went to check sweatcoin and my steps are all counted in haha


Okay im gona download Nike Run & leave sweatcoin open on background .Lets hope it works bro :pray:t2:


Same here 2 days running.
On Android.
Yesterday + 5272 steps registered
3,097 converted.
Today so far 3,526 steps registered 265 converted.
WTF is going on


Do not open app if you want your step coins to convert , leave it running in background, if you do happen to open app during the day turn phone on and off but don’t open app again, it works fine if you leave it alone (running in background)?


Hey guys, I’ll try to demystify how sweatcoin works and what you need in order for sweatcoin to work correctly in background.

  1. If you have iPhone 7 or later, it should run new algo (you shouldn’t see yellow migration banner in the app) which works very efficiently in background and converts all of your steps regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors. You don’t need to worry about app being open, you can freely force quit it with no consequences, and you can open it at any time. One important aspect is that you need to enable Background App Refresh for Sweatcoin app in device’s settings. And it worth noting, that low power mode automatically disable Background App Refresh while active, however, if you activate it only while you have very little power left until you charge it then it shouldn’t be an issue and our app is able to handle it correctly. Thats being said, if you always operate on your device with low power mode activated — you will experience bad conversion, unless you open our app regularly (at least every 12 hours).

  2. Older iPhones, like iPhone 6s and older can only work with old GPS algo, and only convert outdoor steps. Outdoor here means that you should moving in space, and it is not enough to move within few meters back and forth. There are also optimizations in place and if you don’t open the app it will sleep while you stay at home and can only wake up automatically when you out of your house for 100 meters or further. Another important aspect is that our app have to work in background and you shouldn’t force quit it (you will receive notification in such case if you have it enabled). iOS 13 made our life harder and GPS there sometimes might just stop working. Rebooting or re-enable GPS permission should usually help (remove permission and set it back to always)

  3. On Android we have completely different picture. Android works using new algo, which is great news. However, there are tons of different Vendors who create its own builds of Android OS, like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi etc. With stock Android our app works efficiently and convert most of the steps (conversion rate closer to 100%). On custom tweaked OS there are what we called “app killers” which monitors how app works and if you “use” them and decide to kill them. This way our app is not able to work and therefore convert. On Huawei and Xiaomi it won’t allow any app to work in background unless you tweak some settings, and what makes our lives even harder is that this settings is different not only for Vendor but for different devices from this Vendor. We trying hard to understand how to tweak them and explain it to our users but there are 10,000 or more Android devices (imagine how hard it is). We recently fixed and made it almost automatic for Samsung, which is great news and Samsung conversion is almost perfect now. We are in conversation with Huawei on potential fixes, hope we can fix it as well and make it more automatic. Anyway, if you have issues with Android, we kindly advice you to 1) tweak settings in the way out app asks you to fix them and 2) if it doesn’t work, we will be very grateful if you could scan through your device settings and find a way to add our app to exemption of app killers and tell us how you done that, so we can adjust our tips. And one last note, we are not alone in this fight with background operation, almost all fitness apps face the same issue, however this issue a way severely for us, because we need very precise data.

Hope it helps and explain what is going on.

Major issues. App won't even open
Loving the troublemaker update!

Hey khmelev , i have an iPhone5s, and sometimes I have to actually keep my iPhone on with Sweatcoins visible for it to count steps. Not convert, just count steps. Sometimes instead it works fine!


Thats doesn’t make sense for me, as we do not count steps ourselves, but rely on iOS for it, which is count steps regardless of our app being open or not.

Can I ask you to record on video what you consider as not counting steps and provide me with exact date and time of this recording, so I can analyze logs. Send me all of this to DM. I will try to figure out what is going on. Thank you.