The new Boost isn’t working


The new boost (2.200 steps in 20 minutes for 5 Sweatcoins) won’t activate. It doesn’t do anything if I click the start boost button. It just gives me some notifications.


Looks nasty, speaking from a perspective of a notifications hoarder :joy:

EDIT: First of all, if you by any chance a beta tester, it may be a feature indev, which explains the bug. (I’d rather stay with the current booster if you ask me)

Perhaps it’s just the notification got frozen and the timer is actually ticking. If not, the feature is broken


Hey! Could you give me your app version and sweatcoin username so we can check this? Thanks!


My app version: 71.0

My username: philiplpyt


Oh oh … no more SWC for 20 min of exercise with under 2200 steps


Now I got the bonus because I activated it on my Apple Watch, but on my iPhone XR it still doesn’t work.



I’m experiencing the same problem, so annoying
iPhone XS Max, iOS 14.4, app version 71.0 (2776)


After updating the App to version 72.0 (2815) the new boost still doesn’t work.

Here is the link for the video I recorded, remove the “( )”:

And here is a picture of the notifications (view in fullscreen):

Edit: also, the “dismiss” button on the daily boost page doesn’t work (shown at the end of the video).


Just wondering, have either of you been trying to run the boost on both devices at the same time?

i.e. Starting the boost on the watch then starting the boost on the iPhone when the watch hasn’t quite finished. (or the other way round).

I’m only asking this because I run an AW4 and iPhone XS Max and although obvious reasons, doing this probably isn’t supposed to be possible. I decided to test it out. I had already tried and tested boost on both devices independently without any issues, I had not tried running them both simultaneously. It was only when I tried it to see what would happen, did I come across and problems.


I didn’t try to run the boost on both devices at the same time. When the new boost came out, I tried to start it on my iPhone XR and it already didn’t let me do it. But later that day, when I started the boost over my Apple Watch S3, it worked. That’s how I found out that it always works on my Apple Watch, but still it doesn’t work on my iPhone.


Was just a thought in case it may have been similar.


Randomly, I just came across a little problem where the watch app froze up during a Boost session, 5:55,90 from completion. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually notice it until half an hour after starting. It reminded me. To get things moving again, I swiped to one of the other pages on the watch app and then swiped back again. The timer resumed and the steps started counting again.

I don’t know if it might help with any of your problems but just in case I thought it was worth mentioning.


I am reading all the latest comments and I feel blessed that the android version doesn’t have this booster implied yet, lol


@ISh98 To be honest, from my personal experiences so far with this version, it appears to be just teething trouble. Admittedly, there are still the odd couple of bugs but so far it’s only appears to be with the boost component so hopefully the team will get them ironed out.

Personally, I think the improvements that have been made to the Watch app make it worthwhile to deal with the odd bug.

Users don’t have to start and stop sessions in order to count steps for conversion. The application authenticates via Apple ID so there is no fiddling about trying to pair the watch app directly with the phone app so the watch can be used standalone,
there is no need to take both the mobile phone and the watch on runs. Other applications like Strava and Apple Workouts can be used one the watch and collect the gps data whilst still counting steps in Sweatcoin.

The most notable improvement for me personally is that the app uses very little battery life, only when actually sending data. Where previously I was having to switch between two watches if I wanted to capture a full days trekking, I can now get a good 12 hours battery life, even when using the workouts app.

The real kick in the happy sack is that running with a watch rather the phone is so much less hassle and obviously you want to use the boost when you’re running rather than trundling along walking.


After updating to version 73.0 the boost is finally fixed :partying_face:


Glad It is sorted for you. I had a bit of a confusion within the other day after seeing 5 boost bonus but 0 for the steps that earned the bonus.

Thankfully, it didn’t take me too long to figure out that the reason for it was that I had already passed the maximum steps for the membership level.:man_facepalming:


Ok, first time that I’m using the new boost and I got a question. No bonus 5 sweatcoins if I don’t reach 2,000 qualified steps? But will I get a bonus like the older version (the 1,78 in this case?).

It’s hard because I don’t run and I usually don’t reach 2,200 in those 20 minutes.


Unfortunately, if you don’t make the 2200 steps in the Boost time you will only earn the coins for the steps you take without a bonus.

Many elements of the app are based upon healthy lifestyle advice and recommendations by the WHO (World Health Organisation) The reason the Boost threshold is set at 2200 is most likely due to the WHO advice to take a “brisk walk” of 20 minutes duration each day. The WHO (as with most health related organisations) defines a brisk walk to be a walk with a pace of at least 110 steps per minute.

You may be struggling to reach the target pace right now and it may even appear that it is beyond your reach. However, with regular practice through exercise, I’m sure that you will able to achieve it regularly with relative ease. In this screenshot you are only 400steps short of the target, so it really isn’t that far away. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Personally, I think this new daily boost is one step backward.

Users of this app can in all form of age and health
Are all users able to do 2200 steps within 20 min ?
Looking at my dad, I will be happy if he can do 1500 steps within 20 min


So… you get a bonus on the bonus for being quicker lolol.