The only problem Sweatcoin has


Hello my name is Yandry, and I want to tell you that I really like the SWEATCOIN application I installed it a couple of days ago since they recommended it to me and I wanted to do a little research, look for videos on YOUTUBE and the videos I saw were from a year ago, but I still get excited because they pay me to walk, so there was something I could notice and it is in the referrals, (I am not YOUTUBER nor do I have many friends) but on my part I could not invite 500 friends because as I said I do not have many friends or I’m not very sociable, it would be good if they lowered that rate.
That makes me think that it is a trap for you to invite people and then get bored for not reaching the limit, then you uninstall the app and you are left with the generated Sweatcoin.
They would be so kind as to lower the invitation number of the referrals.
PS: I have relatives in Ecuador and I passed my Link to them to download the application and thus have some referrals but it comes out that “it is only available in selected markets”, they would be kind to launch the app in Ecuador, I think this would help the people who are abroad.

Have a warm greeting Thank you.

Thank you!


Hey! You dont need invites to redeem offers. There are plenty of offers available, just some extra in the influencer marketplace :slight_smile:
Also - we are currently available in numerous countries. Here’s a list of supported countries:


Where is trouble maker mate? Emma said on discord it’s coming within a week a week ago…


Still waiting. Next week or so you reckon? @Kyle93

Sorry if it’s a silly question lol? What’s the discord?


Discord is a server based chat platform most commonly used by gamers, musicians/producers and developers. Features audio and video call functionality as well as text based chat threads and private messaging


Good lad for explaining lol.

Yes chowdhury I am hoping so mate.


are we able to see the additional offers in the influencer Marketplace without being an influencer?