The Sweatcoin Team's Top 10 Podcasts to Walk to


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Walking alone in quiet solitude. Mmm sounds perfect. But sometimes, having someone else’s voice in our head is a welcomed change. Times where you want to drown out the everyday hum and get lost in a mind-bending crash course in black holes. These times, call for podcasts. Whether you’re working out, walking up the road,…


Hi Guys,
not sure if this is the correct place to post this but it does seem an appropriate to continue with the theme of podcasts… I’m sure if my judgement is wrong someone will reply and point it out :rofl:

Got a random text from my Dad asking if I could get hold of an episode of a science show that is broadcast on BBC Radio 5 once or twice a week. He gave me the date of the broadcast and so I went on the hunt… Didn’t take long to find the episode in question (even though the date Dad gave me was wrong). When I listened to the Podcast whilst taking myself out for walkies (just for a change) I was not quite sure why he had even asked me to listen to it but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the last half hour was about the science behind running a Marathon. The show covers the physical and psychological effects of excercise as well as a rather interesting interview with an Ultra-Trail runner.

Now I have looked at the Ulta-Trails in the UK and to be honest, I wasn’t really as impressed as I could be. Most of the routes advertised are about where I’m at anyway. However, this lady takes it international and whilst I won’t ruin the insanity, I will say that this lady makes it seem like my Weekend wanders are more like a quick stroll to the corner shop!

I can’t even figure out how to register for the London Marathon, I’d love to take a trek on a couple of these Ultra-Trails!Preformatted text

A very interesting show and incredibly informative…

Enjoy Guys