The Troublemaker is Nigh (possibly)


For as long as I have had the Sweatcoin app installed on my mobile (possibly a lot longer) the “Troublemaker” subscription level has always been shown as “Coming Soon”.

I have, in the past couple of weeks, heard a vicious rumour on the grapevine, that the long wait may be drawing to an end and the Troublemaker subscription could be unlocked in the immediate future.

Like many users, I started from the “Mover “ level and, over time upgraded my subscription over and over as I regularly reached the conversion limits of each level until I reached “Breaker” And could upgrade no further and ever since I have been awaiting the coming of the “Troublemaker”.
I remember back then I asked the question as to what is the “Troublemaker” going to be and when will it be opened for subscription. I have to admit I was intrigued by the response …

I have seen many users ask the question of the Sweatcoin staff in forums, on various social media platforms etc. but the response has always been the same.

Over the past 12 months, more and more users have written to me asking the exact same question… I’m in the same boat as everybody else… I have very little in the way of clues.

With the same I am thinking this is not necessarily going to be a simple case of offering a higher daily earning limit.

However, if the rumour is true and the Troublemaker is to be released, it woud be interesting to see what you guys would like to see what kind of expectations and possibilities other users would like to see in this really cool, pretty special project.

So, I invite you guys to share your thoughts and ideas…

What will set the Troublemaker aside from the current available levels?

Higher Limits… New ways to earn… a Troublemaker marketplace… one on one challenges… a Troublemaker leaderboard… ???

What would you as loyal Sweatcoiners like to see when the Troublemaker is unleashed?


@Emma That should bring you into the post


The word on the grapevine is true - and we really are looking to release the feature in the coming weeks. Our product team are brainstorming right now as to what features the “trouble-maker” membership should include…

What would you love to see from this level? Would it be challenges (as @Phatt.One pointed out), would it be additional goodies not available elsewhere on the app, or maybe something completely different.

Whatever it is, here’s the chance to give us your thoughts and suggestions, which will 100% be passed along to our product team while they decide how to best develop the new level…

Thanks all!


Wien ive been waiting for someone to mention this I always love it when “trouble maker” gets mentioned and hope it’s released. I have lots of ideas regarding trouble maker and how it would be implemented I love what @Phatt.One said about exclusive marketplace I think they that’s would be amazing :grinning:

I would like to see trouble maker and I have a couple ideas to share.

First one is you have to qualify to get access to trouble maker. I’m instead of just upgrading to qualify for trouble maker you must max out breaker membership 5 times it doesn’t be matter if it’s often of not as long as you max the breaker membership 5 times then the option to upgrade will appear.

I would love to see a leaderboard exclusive to trouble maker members that can be filtered between world, country, follower list.

Lastly I would like to see trouble maker give praise to the user for example each member who upgrades will earn a badge in the app that will display next to their profile picture with a small number in the badge that changes every time you max out trouble makers cap. (For example a bronze badge will be on profile somewhere with a number in the middle once maxed out urban will change to 1 and so on everyone you max the trouble maker cap when done 50 times it will turn silver and when done 250 times it will turn gold and then when done 500 times it will turn platinum and adds you to an exclusive group in the app where you can directly chat to the devs and other high earners in one big group dm either on the app or on the SWC forums. The badges will also spear on SWC forum profiles

Off topic from trouble maker but regarding the forums I would like to see the app advertise somewhere about the forums

Thanks for posting this phatt. Have a good day all it’s extremely hot over here in east of England :hot_face:


I have to say mate, I like the idea of earning access and maintaining a certain level. I think I might have to make a coffee i’ll give this one another read because I got a little confused with where it went from there… although, in all fairness this is more likely to be an issue with the old man brain than your explanation :rofl::+1:t4:

Nice idea with the concept to link over to the community forum. A great way to get Social interaction without ramming up the app by adding an app only social platform and Without forcing users to operate via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Awesome Suggestions :sunglasses::+1:t4:


I would like to see Troublemaker create a weekly limit as well as a daily limit. Let’s say the maximum per day is 25 for a total of 175 available for the week but have 2 days per week where the user can earn a high percent of the weekly total. The maximum weekly total would remain the same but it would give users that work 5 days a week that are extremely active on their days off the opportunity to go extreme on those days off and make up for what they might not be able to accomplish on working days. For example if you had 5 days and you were only able to pick up 10 per day…then the other 2 days you could pick up a much higher number per day as long as you actually did the extra steps.


Loving the idea of a weekly rather than daily limit - but I’m the other way around. I rack up my step count on working days (I deliver mail, and have recently moved to an office I can walk to/from as well), but can clock up <1000 outdoor steps on a day off.


A leader board would be great. The thing that frustrates me most about the stats I get from Sweatcoin is that my weekly email informs me I’m in the top 10% - and that doesn’t change whether I’ve had a really busy week at work (racking up the steps to more than max out my sweatcoin collection every day) or had a week off and done a fraction of the steps I’d have done at work !!


Finally, I have the opportunity to ask the question I’ve wanted to for a while. During your average working week Delivering mail what would you expect to be your average daily step count? Many people have assumed that I deliver mail or something similar, but I actually work from home as an integrated Audiovisual System Architect and Designer lol Possibly the most static job you could have.


If I’m working from a van, then it runs around 16-18k.

If I’m out with a trolley, then it’s generally around 21k but can be closer to 24k depending on the time of year, day of week and round I’m doing. (We go up and down more paths to doors on a Wednesday & Thursday, and visit a lot more houses during November and December - even into January, so those days come with a higher step count)

But those figures include some steps (probably around 1k?) done in the office before I set out - just moving around while I get everything sorted and packed ready to go.

I’m now adding on an extra 7.5-8k a day walking to/from work - and that’s if I use the most direct route.


Nice one :sunglasses::+1:t4: Sorry to ask, I was just interested.


No problem with you asking. It’s not like it’s a trade secret :joy:


I read all the suggestions and I like them all and I think I mostly agree with everything but @BATMAN321 do we have to max out breaker only once or like after a month otherwise I love all the suggestions and I am really looking forward towards the trouble-maker perk/subscription