The Troublemaker is Nigh (possibly)


Oh em geeeeeeeeee I’ve got it.


Not available for me on android☹


Good news that… :sunglasses:

I’ve still not got the update though.


Thought you already had it?!


Had it via AB testing. Just updated the app got the full version now :sunglasses:

Finally long time in the making, after Ramadan it will be easier for me.


I have to admit I am on iOS, I don’t know the state of play with the Android release… it could be that the Apple have given the all clear but Google have yet to approve the version release in the playstore… I honestly don’t know personally. I only found out myself through being tagged in a chat somewhere this morning. For some reason my mobile has stopped running auto updates🤷🏼‍♂️


Hope Ramadan is going well brother.


Not bad man, just about doing my daily steps ha!


Looks like the Trouble Maker is workin’ :rofl:



Not available in Canada. I’m android v27.0(1037). I tried updating this morning. No new update for me.


Loving it mate. Can’t wait to get the £1000 cash :slight_smile:


I think it’s a rolling update. So, if you keep your eyes peeled for the next couple of days it should show up.


Thanks. Will do. I will post when I see it.


I agree it has been years because I downloaded sweat coin before I graduated high school in 2017 and I downloaded it around junior year. So it has been years of working on this feature. It mathematically takes years for one person to get a big prize too. Because they are worth 15,000+ SC and with breaker you max out at 7,200 a year minus the monthly charge