The Troublemaker


After awhile of using the app, I finally decided to make an yearly subscription for the Troublemaker.

I’ve purchased 3 Treedom Trees, tried a great language app and purchased Beeswax cloth, all of which were delivered to me, be it digitally or physically.

Since I saved a good amount of money on these products that got my attention, I suppose it seems reasonable enough for me to support this project a little further.

Sure there are flaws and red flags, but I will leave it on hope, and I really hope I am doing the right thing.

To all the Troublemakers of the app, what was your motivation to make that subscription?


Mine was to double the SC’s. It was for one of the marathon prizes, but since they are gone, the auctions look interesting. I’m only at 13,000 so really, I think I need another 8 or 9000 to try to win an auction. Troublemaker is the only way to go, before, in my opinion the auctions disappear. BTW Troublemaker has been problem free for me.


When they first launched Trouble Maker I took out the trial - and then paid on a monthly basis purely to double my coins as I had a balance that meant I could almost smell the Marathon PayPal cashout. I cancelled my Trouble Maker membership as soon as they moved to auctions (after a couple of months), as I believed the ‘cost’ of the few items I have even the vaguest interest in are going to keep increasing as more and more people hit the 20-25k in their accounts - and monitoring the few of interest as they come around certainly indicates I was right.

If I’m paying real money in order to be able to bid, I think I’d get increasingly stressed as time passed and I didn’t win anything. But whilst it’s not costing me any real money I’ve nothing to lose other than a few minutes each day collecting bonuses, checking my steps convert, and looking at the current offering.


If I’m perfectly honest, I think The primary reason I decided to subscribe was because I’ve been waiting nearly three years for it to be introduced.

Personally, although when I first started using me app, creating more coins was the be all and end all of everything but as time passed I realised that the motivation wasn’t really in the actual coins for me, The greatest reward is one of health and mobility, something you can’t really put a material pricetag on. I’m no longer particularly concerned about the actual number of coins created.

I have considered that with the ability to earn up to 50 sweatcoins a day that There was also a possibility that the cumulative step count could be increased by 50,000 steps a day but the double earning thing put a bit of a spanner in the works of that idea.

At the end of the day, sweatcoin offers different motivations to different people and for the sake of £10 or whatever it is a year, I see that it’s worthwhile to subscribe even if it’s just to show an appreciation for all the hard work that has gone into and continues to go into the app snd the continued research and development into not just the application itself as we see it but all the stuff that many don’t see… health and medical research publications, anonymised statistical data contributions etc. No doubt there is a ton of other stuff for the improvement of general health and well-being that I haven’t personally come across yet.


I took it up, but after a month, and a new update, I lost the step conversions for nearly a month, so I got my money reimbursed, amd lowered my tier. While it worked, it was satisfying to earn double coins. If the app stopped cocking up, on a regular basis, I might take it up again


I’d been using sweatcoin for a good while before troublemaker started and signed up for it as I was starting to amass a good number of coins and the thought of a marathon offer was beginning to be a possibility.
I walk about 30,000 steps per day, so it was ideal for me.
I’ve since won an auction (got the monetary value as they couldn’t fulfill the offer and I was even happier with that), so by any means I’ve made a huge profit.

However, my main reason for both Sweatcoin and troublemaker is the extra motivation kick I get. This helps keeps me going and even without all the offers etc, I appreciate the motivation Sweatcoin has given me.


I agree about the motivation. I just wish there was a way for people to truly mingle on the app itself instead of only the forum.:smile:


What did you win mate.


Hi @DAG777
You can write short messages to users just by sending 0.01SWC snd including a message.
If the user is one that you follow or are followed by, just view their profile, tap send, set the amount to send (0.01), enter the text you want to send as the message and press send. You will get asked for a confirmation, confirm and await reply.

It isn’t a perfect solution by any means but it does still offer a level of communication.

Before the forum went online, I received a few random messages that way and ended up having a few conversations in the app. A couple of the users I chatted with through the app have since appeared on the forum and written.

Where there is a will, there is a way :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Hope that helps


She didn’t ask how to communicate. She wished there is more ways to mingle on the app then the forum mate.



Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to write that to me. I will remember this.:smiley:


Technicality mate :grimacing:.
It was half half a solution, it did involve chat through app and chat to same user in forum… just not an integrated solution.

Not too bad for a quick answer of an aging man when on the move out and about. Just be thankful there was actually a connection this time :man_facepalming:


Hey guys,

since I have seen this app „evolving“ for two years now I have to say that I am getting really tired.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to agitate but will only stick to the math in this post about TM.

Statement (1)
It has to be doubted that sweatcoin inc‘ return (post labor and IT costs) with 100m users and a part of it also paying subscription fees is only 500 USD a day, which is the average payout of the 48 hours auctions. Studies quote average revenue per impression (this would be the daily ads for example) to be 0.1 to 1 US Cent per user. Therefore it has to be questioned whether the payout ratio is fair.

Statement (2)
It is what it is: A ponzi, where the mass of users pays a few auction winners at the top. About 99.9999% of users will not get a single cent back for their subscription fee. Finding a way to give value to SWC itself (even if it is only a marginal amount) is the only way out of this dilemma.

This leads to my conclusion which can be seen as financial advise:

If you are not among the users making 50 SWC a day (~ 27,000 steps/day) you will get no return for your Trouble Maker fee, since there will always be users who do the 50 coins a day and will outbid you in auctions. Therefore it would be much better for society to save this money and give it to charity instead of supporting an app that gets away from its original idea more and more or to fill board members pockets.

I know sweatcoin crew won’t like that post but I am fully open for comments where I might be wrong.



@Hansi2019. You couldn’t of done a better job mate. Well done!

Sweatcoin eed to take that into comparison. Someone else mentioned this too. They removed the PayPal £1K offer to replace it with auctions. Now… like you say. Do the math… sweat coin are profiting generously.


Message saved/screenshot just in case, and your post makes sense.

Anyway, it’s a business and they have to profit in order to exist.


What you mean screenshot/message saved.


@Kyle93 think it was a response to Hansi2019’s post. That he has taken a screenshot of the message.


Don’t you sleep…


More now than I used to but still not very much, only a few hours a week.


Join google opinion reward and it will easily pay for your trouble maker monthly subscription. Personally, I do not mind doing a few survey and use the money earned to pay for the TM subscription as long as it is fully paid from doing the survey.

Ponzi scheme ? Well, it is an interesting term to use for SWC app but I tend to think it is a lousy ‘‘Ponzi scheme’’ as it is quite easy to see through the scheme from the very start even before joining TM status.