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Oh is it really so easy to see through…

…if your app is luring in new customers for years with marathon offers and suddenly „oh it’s only one winner every 48 hours now“

…well would consider that statement again…


Did you realise that the growth of the app started a long time, possibly two years before the Marathon Offers even came about.

I don’t say it to challenge comments. Opinions are of course personal and not for me to argue with. However, I think it is a point fundamental to consider when stamping a label in so many posts across many threads in any forum.


Hi Phatt,

that’s an interesting statement of yours where I really would like to learn more about since I only joined early 2019.

Can you remember the rewards in earlier time since the growth most likely had to be triggered by a kind of „carrot“ in front of former new users.

Best regards Hans


To be honest mate. Your opinions. Judgments and comments. I purely agree with. You hit the nail on the head every single time. Don’t let others comments discourage your personal opinion.


Unfortunately, I didn’t discover Sweatcoin until May 2017. At that time the highest value rewards in the UK store were smart health items from a company Called Ivy Health. The highest value being only £90-£100 and was a bluetooth smart scale. Even with prizes or comparatively low value, the app was growing at an insane pace.

Obviously, I don’t have any real knowledge of any change in growth over time so can’t tell you if the introduction of Marathon offers created a fast growth or not. At the time it was introduced, there were already a few takes following the walk and earn idea. Some had high value prizes but the ones I know of only had the one high cash offer and was impossible to win without a premium subscription. Even then, the one cash offer got claimed within 6-8 months snd even after 2-3 years has never been replaced. Subscription still remains at £34.99 a year but the only regular prizes are now limited to minimal discounts off sporting goods sold by the company that owns the app.

There are other apps that have offered cash prizes but most have reward stores with items that I have never actually seen in stock. One app has this great way of handling it when any high value prize is accidentally left showing in stock and users try to claim it. Thr customer service response is usually based upon the location of the claimant. Uk residents are told they don’t ship outside the US and US claimant’s are given the response that they don’t ship outside the UK. It wouldn’t be so bad but anything to do with the company is registered in China :rofl:. I don’t know of anyone trying to claim in any other countries but again they charge £34.99 for an annual subscription.
There was even an app that charged for premium subscription, sold “crypto” on their website and rewarded in “crypto” then 6 months later, just disappeared completely.

I understand some users like to think that they are hard done to after paying subscriptions not to be able to claim the cash marathon offers and I understand where they are coming from completely.

I’m not going to try and suggest that standard business and marketing practices are not at least in part, true of Sweatcoin. To do so would just be stupid.

However, I what I do know for certain is that the company just an entity focused on making maximum cash for minimal work like many. If you do a little research into more than the financial background as most seem to do. It will not take long at all before finding out about the studies published in recognised medical journals and the continuing research and development and the collaborative research with some of the UKs best and brightest researchers and teams in biomechanics, sports sciences, health and development and other fields. Not to mention the endless work done by developers to package all the relevant elements into a single and continually changing and developing app that has hit the number one sport in app stores across the globe.

Obviously I don’t expect anyone to just take my word for it. Just take a quick look without focusing on finance and you will easily find the information for yourself.

There has always been a genuine interest in people and the promotion of helping improve health on both an individual and global scale. Incentivised regular daily exercise has always been at the core.

Granted, the only real way to do this is to make use of the most basic of most people’s attractions … greed.
After all who doesn’t want to get a little extra if they can.

I know anyone that can bothered reading the long winded reply will already have been thinking that my opinions and thoughts are going to be with bias. I won’t try and deny it, Sweatcoin is after all, the app that changed my life completely. From being an ageing bald guy, feeling sorry for myself and just accepting my fate to be further deterioration and eventually a wheelchair. Into an ageing bald guy with a passion for positivity, feeling each day to have real purpose and a desire to motivate and encourage others to enjoy life and find their own feel good factor and discover the real benefits of regular healthy daily exercise.

Apologies to anyone reading this and thinking WTF or getting excited reading the last paragraph thinking it was gonna end with the secret to fighting male baldness :grimacing:. My advice on that subject is just accept it and be happy in the knowledge that if you get stuck out in the rain that a scalp without hair doesn’t take any time at all to dry.


Great post mate and thanks for the deep insights!



Was just trying to find a backdated version of the Ivyhealth app and remembered that you asked about the regular rewards available when I first started using the Sweatcoin app. and stumbled across a couple of tweets with screenshot of the marketplace and a pic of a high street shop displaying the products… actually with the retail price list. There were occasional higher value items but these were the standard higher end for quite a while. I claimed the Smart Scale and the Smart Arm BP monitor from my steps 100% Sweatcoins including shipping. To be honest, I still use these regularly today and they have been extremely reliable.

Now all I have do is figure out how to use the app without the ivyhealth cloud sign-in. Or figure out how to drag out data via Bluetooth without the app to a RasPi or something…



@Ashton I have a question about the auction gift cards. 500$ Gift cards. Is it $ for everyone or will it be £500 for uk users. As I’m uk I was wondering if I won a gift card auction will it be in uk currency.


@Kyle93 this has been asked before. I was wondering the same, if its the USA market buying, is it for them to bid on the Dollar prize. And if its the UK £500 its for us to bid on, and Europe maybe?
Or maybe we can bid on the dollar prize, and get the equivalent…


Dollar prize is £316… exchanged.
Can’t even get a decent coat for that price on net-a-Porter.


You’ll get the equivalent value of the giftcard in your currency.
It’s worth the same amount, it’s not “worth less” because the number is different, you could exchange it for 500 American dollars again if you’d like :smiley:


So as I said £361… technically we lose out on £139.


Nope, because it’s same value as the 500 dollars which an American would receive.

If we sent you £500, to make it fair to Americans so they receive the same value prize, they’d receive roughly 700 dollars (in todays conversion)

You get the same value prize. You can buy the same value items with them.


Pounds are worth more than us dollars mate i reckon


£500 is $694.15 as of today’s exchange rate.


The currency prices are constantly changing up and down, which can be monitored on the net by simply looking for the exchange rate.

Either way, you know the answer now about the gift cards