There is a misunderstanding about 20.000 SW prizes


Hey everyone

I have a simple but very important question. There is a sentence at the prizes of 20.000 SW coin page: achievable for 24 months of runs/invites.

First of all really sorry my English level but i also looked at the internet for the true information. Almost all websites about sweatcoin say “coins have to be earned within 24 months.” Both English and Turkish sources… But the other side there are a lot of people say “There is no time limit.”

So what does it mean?: “The coins have to be earned within 24 months of time period.” or “You have to be active for at least 24 months to take those prizes?”

Which one is true? :grinning:


There is no time limit I asked last time :wink:


Yes that’s one of the opinions i mostly heard. But there is something weird. I think 24 months time period make sense more. I don’t know… I think we all work hard for more SW but nobody knows where are we going exactly :grinning:


It says “achievable with 24 months steps + invites”

That means they reckon you can earn enough in 24 months, but there’s not a chance I can.

24 months = 365 days x 2 years = 730 days. At 20/day for steps (current maximum) that’s 14600

Daily bonuses = 7 coins every 3 days. 730 days/3 = 243 lots of 3 days. x7 coins = 1701

14600 + 1701 = 15301

So you need to earn a further 4699 through referrals.

5 coins per referral, so call it 4700 to earn - that’s 940 referrals :confounded:

I’ve been a member just over 2 years (since 12th Oct 2017), and have been on the current highest level (breaker) since day 1. I haven’t earned the 20 coins maximum every day (some days I’ve done enough outdoor steps but the conversion let me down miserably, other days I’ve not made the steps) and the daily bonus wasn’t active when I joined. I’ve spent a few coins on offers (and I do mean few), but am currently on just 11440.71 coints - so at my current rate it’s going to take me closer to 42 months to hit that target.

I’ve never seen anything that suggests you HAVE to earn that number in 24 months, but they DO have to be coins you’ve personally earned and not coins you’ve been given by other members.


I understand. You are right, it’s not possible to earn 20.000 SW in a short time period. I think the system wants to invite thousands of friends of you have öne of those prizes in a shorter time. Otherwise it’d take even 5 years maybe :slight_smile: So, we don’t havento earn all coins 24 months of period, theorically we could earn 20.000 in 5 years and could take öne of the prizes. But also the coins the other ones sent you won’t ne accepted. Thank you very much.


Yeah. I agree. It roughly takes 2.5years for 20K coins at maximum level each day. Would love to see someone step by step claiming a
Marathon prize though.