Things I do on my walks


Hello citizens today I want to share things I do on my walking journey wether I’m just popping to the shop or walking around town these are things I do and would like to share them with you :grinning: so let’s start.


Water is very important in life with hydration but can also give you energy throughout the day because if your dehydrated you will feel very fatigued and have no energy therefore feeling tired on your walk.


these things work wonders unless your on a nature trail and want to take in the sounds music or listening to a podcast is a very good. Personally I listen to music but over the last couple weeks I have been looking into podcasts. However not your usual podcasts I’ve been listening to horror story podcasts as being a little on edge will help you with energy and also burn a little extra calories personally I’ve been looking into YouTube horror story readers such as…

mr nightmare-I feel he has the best voice and best stories tho the stories ain’t long.

Darkness prevails- I’m not a huge fan of his voice but his story’s are pretty good and long however he lacks a serious voice (he speaks calmly)

You can find both of these on YouTube
You can find darkness prevails on Spotify,anchor and most podcast apps

I rarely do this however I like to do it and feel it’s a nice thing to do every now and then so it might be worth capturing a shitttt here and there.


I’m don’t do this often as I prefer to focus on my walking however talking can pass time and may help you focus less on how far you have to walk. Personally I talk on voice in a couple discord servers.


I always used to do a couple light stretches on the legs but @Phatt.One recently gave me some advice regarding stretching as very long walking can put strain specifically on the back so now I’m beginning to do a few more stretches when planning a longer walk than just to the local shops.

And that’s my things I do when walking I hope that maybe gave you some ideas to try :smiley:

Feel free to let me know what you do on your journeys wether your just popping to the shop or walking miles and miles. Let me know :grinning: