This app is a con stay away


So after nearly 3 years of using app manage to get the bang and Olufsen h9 headphones
After I bought woth my Sweatcoin got message tell me I will receive the monetary value for the headphone that was the 12th August since then heard nothing back sent out over 10 emails with no reply then I get one today saying

I need to get hold of bang and Olufsen as they have to deal woth it got hold of theM they’ve never heard of Sweatcoin or the offer I told them about
So this app has actually cost me a lot of money and time for nothing
There rubbish


any one know of how to report app to trading standards as these guys are ripping people off


That is pretty harsh tbh. @Ashton @Emma @Oleg reimburse this poor man…



So I thought they sent this message via the app but looking thought my email managed to find it
As you can see it completely contradicts what they sent me today


Cheers for trying to help/ getting involved guys


I did try to contact Lola but never got a reply
So if my dates are right I should be sent the value of the headphone today this is all very misleading specially when this app Seems to have a lot of members and seems to be popular it also had a lot of press praising how good the app is


The real killer is I’ve rated this app told a lot of friends about it had it on my phone from very early on the concept is brilliant the makers make the cash thru personnel data /ads where the consumers get fit and get rewards for doing so
But its a failed and frankly criminal act if they can’t keep there end


Please let us know if the money arrives if you can. Fair enough if it does and credit to Sweatcoin but if not it needs investigating. Hope it works out.


Definitely making me think twice about paying for the TM when my trial ends now!


Just by how they’ve gone about this I won’t see the headphones or Cash today


Unanswered emails then to be told I have to go to the brand to sort it out is not on


Please can you DM me with the email address linked to your Sweatcoin account? I’ll check up on this asap for you :slight_smile: Don’t fret!


Quick update Emma’s been messaged yet to get a response also spoke to bang and Olufsen who are going to try to contact Sweatcoin see what’s going contacted Sweatcoin via Facebook today and they’ve sent me a message saying I’ll get the reward in 30 day which is today And nearly over
That where were at at the moment will get back with more information once I get it


So this is basically what’s happening to me but with the Lumination backpack /purse bundle! It says everywhere 2 day shipping and honestly I knew it was going to take longer than 2 days but it’s now going on nearly 2 months. I have contacted the brand contractor on all platforms like Facebook, apple chat, email, insta gram and messenger. I tried getting in touch with sweatcoin and they have continuously dodge my question. I either want my product or the 1500 sweatcoins. I hope someone can Right this wrong I’m so close to deleting the app because it’s unfair…


Still no response from @Emma :persevere:


So I’m gonna have to take back my con statement
I received my reward today Thankyou sweatcoin
So now can say I rate this app I just hope in the future they can be a little clearer and become easier to get hold of but after all this I have to say they’ve paid out and pretty happy


Hope everyone who is also having difficulties making contact keep going it worth it in the end :+1: also I shall be keeping the app now too


Excellent and credit to Sweatcoin for coming up with the goods. I will watch with interest how things unfold now the Troublemaker option is around. So far anything decent has either been withdrawn, sold out or significantly increased in cost.

Time will tell. Enjoy the headphones :smile:


Hey! I’ve just messaged you back :slight_smile:
I see that the payment went through today for the amount of the earphones! You should already see it via transferwise, but let us know if there’s an issue!