This app is a con stay away


@Samwise1 so why was there no headphones… Sold out?..


What happened in the end? This is important as we need to know what’s going on really?


Much did you get for the headphones £ value wise?


So did you get the value of the headphones? How does it work?


Also interested, did u get a voucher for a retailer/headphone company or did u get a cash/bank transfer, or have you been told not to tell us :wink:


Just went on to the App store to check out the latest reviews, and guess what… You can’t see them! Something about Beta store is full.
Beta version means it’s in testing phase and there are only a limited number of people using it because it needs to be a controlled test. For example I want only 100 people to be beta testers. Then only 100 people can download it. If the 101st person tries to download, he gets a beta is full error…
Now I’m no tech person, so unsure what this all means!


OHS secretaries Limited, the real company who owns this app, features very different people than this Oleg guy who’s supposed to be in charge, it shows Shawn Atkinson and some other British guys running around the company… Check the info for yourselves, Companies House site


I must admit I had a look on there 2 and wonder if the Directors of the company just facilitate apps. Who knows!

What I would return back to though is the business model is not sustainable and troublemaker has just escalated that problem. You simply cannot give away anything of high value when the income does not support it.

I am now waiting for the television offer to be removed or increase in value and things to then steadily be removed or increase as people get close to the targets.

At some stage once people have realised what is happening the app will disappear and then come out under another name