This is not good


I ended up, again, setting the app on the phone for one of my friends. After the account been successfully created on her phone, something really troubled me since then. I checked the marketplace and the bucket list offers is PRESENT. We are in the same country and my marketplace, of course, doesn’t have that. It wouldn’t be even acceptable if it was in the ‘new guy offers’ section because who can get 26000 sweatcoins in a week or a month. I would like some opinions.


Hi - hope you are well. So are you saying the bucket list rewards removed from you (and some of us) are showing on a new account your friend set up? If so it sounds like as soon as people get close to the bigger rewards they are removed but still offered to new subscribers to con them into joining?


Sounds like it. We must get further explanation


Sounds more like a technical bug. I mean they already increased bucket rewards to an amount most won’t reach anyway so why remove them…

I remember that buckets also disappeared at my account but that was also only a bug since they are back only


With the trouble maker, everything is possible


Hey! I assure you all, we do not remove offers from the marketplace when you’re close to achieving them!
If anything, we want you to redeem these offers so you keep sweatcoining to stay healthy :muscle:

I’ll ask our product team for more info on the bucketlist offers so I can give you all a more detailed answer soon!


Hey everyone! Quick update on this:
The Bucket List offers were removed by accident for influencers but have since been re-enabled!
It was a mistake on our end - apologies for any concern or inconvenience caused!


I have a question. Why is it. You can donate 19$ per 15$ someone
Else donates on a fundraiser. But yet you take the £1000 marathon offer away? I don’t understand.


Hey there!
At sweatcoin we want to help improve the world - by boosting your activity or by donating whenever possible to charities and more :slight_smile:

With the marathon offers - there’s a new post which gives a little introduction to a new feature we’ve been working on! Check it out here: New Feature! Auctions!