Ting's Idea for Swc Transfer Solution


If the goal is to prevent Swc users from sending to the wrong person, then I think this may help.
Idea: What if before you can send Swc to another user, it texts you a code or sends you a code in your email? The text/email says: “You are about to send x amount of Swc to this user. This will deduct/minus the amount of Sweatcoins from your wallet. Confirm by entering this code in the app.” It would be similar to how 2fac authentication works. I think this would help prevent Swc users from sending to the wrong user.


This seems like a good secure way of sending sweatcoins however could scare newish traders as it could be complicated. I have a little idea my self similar to snap chat but allowing people to scan QR codes from other devices or photos and then sending the sweatcoin each user will have a unique qr code


That also would seem overly complicated for other users. Honestly if anything else they should make it like PayPal where you can search someone’s email through sweatcoin and send it that way.
Also open up an opportunity to simply click on an email and be given an opportunity to select sweatcoin and be transferred to that users account in Sweatcoin.


Also like to reference back to my old post called Spending and saving We could also have generated ID#(s) Example: A-0D0FA75