Tips for maximizing the convertion of SWC on bike


Hey everyone,

On a weekly base i travel a lot with my bike for school and work. Sometimes 20-25 km (12,5-15,5 miles a day) i know that it’s better to walk/jog for earning SWC because of the algorithm, but the distance is a little too big.:sweat_smile: My question is, if there’s a way to maximize the conversion of steps (rotations) on bike? What’s the best position for your phone to hold, or best speed for example? (If i haven’t overslept of course). Thank you for your response!

Ps: Sorry for my weird English.

I think bikes should be part of earning sweatcoins

I find it best to have my phone either in my pocket or attached to my leg with one of those water proof pouches that is ment for your arm when running. I’m a mountain biker so there is a lot more shaking when I bike so it might be different from a road biker. I’ll sedate you once I gather so numbers from just the bike rides.


I like this one. I think i’m gonna give this a try. Thanks!