To follow and have followers... That is the question!


I’ve used Sweatcoin for over a year now. I haven’t taken advantage of the app, I just build up coins as I walk. I have no followers nor am I following other users. How can I do this? My personal friends are not interested. Can you only follow people you actually know or can you follow random users? If the latter could you tell me how please?


I could do with finding this out too because i can’t find where to enter names of users!!


You can open the persons referral link, this should then take you to their profile where you can follow them and send coins :slight_smile:


Thanks but i don’t have any referral links :blush: i just meant to look someone up to add who’ve done write ups on their experience with sweatcoin


Unfortunately there’s no way to do that right now - feel free to ask them for their referral link if needed :slight_smile:


What I like to do sometimes is look at the crowdfunding givers and usually from there you can click on random people’s profiles and follow them if you’d like :slight_smile:

An example of how you can add a friend/ follow someone is by clicking their referral link like mine: . Follow through and then just click “follow” and then you have followed someone.

Happy sweatcoining :smiley: !


Here are the ways that Sweatcoin users currently use to add new friends on Sweatcoin:
For iOS app , Add with Facebook, add their phone number, or ask a Swc user, that uses Android, you already follow or follows you to follow the Swc user you want to send to so you can follow them. For Android app , click on a follower/following Swc user’s profile, click send button, then change the username to the Swc user you want to send to. Adding Swc users with their referral link even if you have the app already, works, but not always. As per iOS app users, this method doesn’t work often.

Another way to add a user on Sweatcoin: One of you donates to a crowdfunding offer and the other keeps watch for the username to show up and clicks it as soon as it does. Before you click Give Now to confirm, make sure that Hide My Name On The Givers List is off. Time is limited since it only shows 3 Swc usernames at a time. Once it disappears from the list of 3, you would have to click see all next to Recent Givers and scroll down to find it. Not all Swc users have the crowdfunding offers yet, so this method won't work if you don't have it in your app marketplace.