Trading is no longer available!


Hello guys so today many users have noticed they can no longer buy and sell sweatcoins as the option to send coins is no longer available

Right now I’m on iOS and the only way I can send is clicking on a person I am following

Is this just a big mistake/bug or is sweatcoin trying to move on and not let people buy and sell thier earned sweatcoins ?

Sweatcoin has introduced many features in recent weeks such as removing the “update page (seeing your following list earning) and more recently adding a cash out option that lets you connect your bank account however as of writing this it’s only available in the United Kingdom.

What me and thousands of other sweatcoin users want to know is…

Is this somthing sweatcoin no longer wants us to do (buy and sell sweatcoins) or is this just a major bug?

Photos below: as you can see we no longer have the option to send unless you go to your followers list click on a users profile and then you can send (works for iOS not sure about android).



I highly oppose if they are choosing to disable trading. The one main reason I even got the app was to introduce it to other people as a way to easily exchange goods through online games and other projects like introduing it to my school between the students, so they could add it through other clubs and after school activities.

I’m also working on a project that requires the use of that feature. I was going to Introduce it to the developer, but with this turns of events either the project have to find some way to transfer swc to other random users some other way or I’ll have to discard it.

I beg all of you who read this to say something about this! Even I see the value to trading!!!


Hello dear Sweatcoiners,
Please rest assured that this is not an anti-transfer strategy, but more of a result of an AB test. Most users who use transfer functionality from the wallet confuse it with something else and frequently send coins to wrong people resulting in complaints. This functionality remains available on user profiles where the risk of entering the wrong username is removed. There is an issue, however, that to connect with the user they need to be your friend and you need to know their mobile number. Let us figure out how to make finding users easier or bring transfers back in some other way.


Thank you Oleg for the response I will get word out and let other users know, thank you :grinning:


Thank you for replying. You helped put all of our minds at ease. I have an idea. I will make a post about it.


Go for it ting :smiley: I’d be very interested in reading your idea maybe expanding on it if I can :blush:


Hey again Oleg May I recommend you or a staff member make a post looking for suggestions/ideas on how to re work the trade system with finding users and stuff thanks :grinning: