Tranferring Sweatcoins


Someone told me that you cannot use Sweatcoins obtained from transfers towards buying an item, such as the TV for 20,000.
Is this correct?


Sorry to say that yes this is correct. If you tap on the offer in the marketplace and scroll down to the offer text, the terms and conditions of the offer are listed. In most cases, the marathon offers require that all coins used to purchase the offer are to be generated by the user and that transferred coins cannot be used.

I say “in most cases” because occasionally there are marathon offers that do not require the user to earn all coins themselves.

Most of the standard offers can be purchased using transferred coins as well. If it is any different, the details will be listed in the offer text.


Occasionally being twice a year lol.


Bummer, i use the app everyday and have accrued a fair few coins, and with my wife donating her coins when she gave the app up. ive now got a total which nears the marathon offers, just no way to use them all.
maybe more offers mid-way like 10K? Garmin devices / wearbles would be cool. I dont need a huge telly :slight_smile:


Many thanks I’ll look out for the terms and conditions