Transfer Sweatcoins into Euro to N26 Bank Account


Hello Sweatcoin Team,

I recently ordered my N26 bank card for 25Sweatcoins and I now want to transfer collected Sweatcoins to my N26 bank account, I downloaded as shown on the description of the purchased product.

I tried to find a transfer bottom to send money to my private N26 bank account, but couldn’t find it on the app. Neverless I remembered to have found a bottom to send sweatcoins to friends.

Could You please tell me, how I can transfer earned Sweatcoins into € to N26 bank account?

Moreover I am somehow no longer able to donate my earned Sweatcoins! After I click on the bottom, the app closes.

I use a Samsung Galaxy A7 2019.

Thank You very much!



@Ashton Do you know if that is possible?


Hi @Stayhigh69!
Sorry, I must have missed this post.
So you redeemed the offer with N26 for the free 5€ after creating an account.
However, this offer doesn’t say you can transfer your sweatcoins into money through n26 directly. Although this is something we’re testing, users don’t have access yet - so keep an eye out :slight_smile:


Hello @Ashton, yes i redeemed the offer Sweatcoin offered in their offers, but it didn’t sound like I would spent 25coins for only 5€.

Since Sweatcoin charges a 5% fee for each km users run, we receive only a value of 0,95€ in coins.

Which I collected until I had 25 sweatcoins. Bought the offer and neither can I transfer my hard earned coins to my bank account, neither did I receive my free 5€.

I prefer you charge me 0,50€ instead of 0,05€ for each km, but enable to active users to transfer their coins to their bank account.


Sorry to hear that. Please email us at [email protected] so we can refund you your 25 sweatcoins :slight_smile:
As with transferring to your bank account - We’re working on it, as said in my previous comment. Just give us a little time for us to perfect it :smiley: