Transferring Sweatcoins and Transferring Back


I am aware of the process of transferring sweatcoins but I wanted to ask a question regarding transferring to someone and then having them transfer the coins back. Recently I had to uninstall and reinstall the app so I transferred all of my coins to my sister so it would be “safe” just in case there were any technical difficulties when I logged back in. Thankfully there weren’t but I wanted to clarify if she sends my coins back to my account, do those coins then count as “transfer coins?” I know that some prizes don’t allow you to purchase them with transferred coins but rather ones that you’ve earned yourself. When I purchase goods, will it recognize that the coins my sister returned were initially mine? I transferred a good amount over so I’m worried that I made a mistake with that.


Since it was transferred from another user, they are considered transfer coins.

Try contacting the support team, maybe they can help you with that.


Hi, thank you for the response and insight. Is the support team the one provided on the sweatcoin app under the “help” and “contact” section?