Tried to reinstall, lost 90% sweatcoins


I was having trouble converting steps with the latest version (iPhone 7) so I tried re-installing the app. On logging back in, I have fewer than 400 sweatcoins but before I had over 4000. How can I get these back?

I’ve had the same number for a few years now and I thought my account was under my new number, but it’s possible that my account was under an earlier number - but that number isn’t in service any more.


Hey Jon, this is most disturbing to hear as there are no known cases of sweatcoins disappearing. Please ping me with your Sweatcoin username and we will investigate for you.


I’ve sent you a message, thanks


Same happened to me switched phones lost wallet dogbox razors n 140.00 what do u do


Mine was that I’ve somehow ended up with multiple accounts against different phone number/email combinations. I’ve likely done it without realising while changing phone/sim etc. I’ve logged back into an old account which is why I can’t see my sweatcoins.

Oleg is kindly trying to sort it out for me.


All sorted out, thanks to Oleg :+1: