Trouble Maker Membership Issue!


Hello, I’m having trouble with my membership. I used the trial period for the Trouble Maker membership. I canceled one day before the end of the period from google play subscriptions. My subscription is no longer visible on google play. However, although my trial period was over, my membership did not return to its previous state. I can’t change subscription right now. He remained the Trouble Maker. What should I do?
Note: Currently it says on the subscription page: “Next charge in -2 days” @Emma @Oleg


Hey Mehmet, thanks a lot for flagging this.
What is your username on Sweatcoin?
With kind regards,


@Oleg @martin874154 I’ve reported the same issue to your NON EXISTENT, USELESS customer services team, and heard nothing back. I’m happy to continue with the TM for free though lol. And would sign up to to the TM tier, when you answer everybodies questions about prizes not being claimed due to companies not knowing about your deals on here. Time to step up, and answer our concerns. Until then, I’m not going to upgrade to the paid membership


Here here Seaside. Trustpilot looks as if they are having a field day with this app!


@Seaside71 We are looking into the issue with your membership level. What seems to be the problem with “prizes not being claimed”? Which company are you referring to? Many thanks for your feedback, Oleg

@mehmet please send your username too - the more cases we have the easier it is to find the issue. Many thanks, Oleg


There was the guy on here who had to fight hard to get the equivalent cash prize for the tv(Why no TV, and just cash? Why not just advertise Cash as the prize?) the sham online learning company, who’s trust pilot reviews, show what a sham company it is, and if you look at the trust pilot reviews lately about here, we’ll you’ll need to do something about that. Also the questions about where anyone can view holiday footage of previous prize winners of the holidays, goes unanswerd to. Check through the forums, especially over the past month. A lot of complaints are cling in about prizes being unable to get hold of. We, as a community need answers… Please!! We all want this to work, but it’s under such a big dark cloud and question mark at the moment. Lastly to change the £1000 prize and the prizes by 5k, with no notice, could be addressed in the future, maybe a time limit could be an idea? So Oleg, who’s been away for so long, pull some fingers out my lad, and make this company work… You might make even more money!!!
I want the app to work, and want to believe, my efforts will be rewarded when I eventually get there!


Shaw Academy is being advertised, again, despite our members having issues, and the most recent reviews about the company, saying Don’t go near them! They must be paying you a good wedge. What I’d like to see, is action, do not advertise them, look out for your members, especially now as so many are Paying members


Whoever runs Sweatcoin is full of it. The whole thing is a complete money making con where all they do is soft soap people when they uncover the truth. Have you noticed anything that exposes the con is ignored - they think we are stupid. They have even said on trustpilot they have severed links with this particular reward provider but the fact is because it makes them money it’s full steam ahead.

I think they hope because they ignore us we will get fed up and go away. Quite the opposite though!


Hello Oleg.
I’ve contacted support at [email protected] but got no response.
I paid for an annual membership of Trouble Maker on 2nd of September, after changing my number and re-login it has disappeared from my account.
What is the best way to fix it?


Hey Tatjana, thanks for writing and for subscribing!
Since your subscription is attached to your Apple or Google account all you need to do to recover it is to open your TroubleMaker page: Profile -> Change -> swipe to Trouble Maker -> Restore purchase and then login to your Apple or Google account to get this sorted.
Please let us know if this does not work for any reason.