Trouble Maker Not Giving 2X SWC?


I recently upgraded to Trouble Maker because I thought the 2X SWC was an awesome deal. I’ve been playing around with different ways to get the most step conversion, as I’ve seen as low as only 50-70% of steps converting after a completely outdoor walk. I’ve found that using the Sweatcoin app on my Apple Watch (series 5) gives a really high conversion of accepted steps (usually at least 90%). The problem I’m running into is that those aren’t being award the bonus SWC that I’m supposed to get for the Trouble Maker level. Is this a known issue? Is there something I’m not doing correctly? Please help! I like the idea of the Trouble Maker benefits, but if it won’t work correctly I’ll have to cancel it before I’m charged (I’m still in the first trial month). Thanks for your help!! My screen name is Rocket24.

Screenshot below. 15,100 approved steps. 16.85 SWC.