Trouble maker purchase on joined Apple account



I am a happy sweatcoin user for over a year now. I have purchased the Trouble Maker subscription today but have one problem. My husband is using sweatcoins on his Iphone as well and we have a joined Apple account. I bought the Trouble maker on this joined account and on my phone it is working great but my husband cannot upgrade to the trouble maker because I am using it already. It gives him the message that the subscription is already in use. With the previous subscriptions you could pay with your sweatcoins but not anymore. How can I get him going with the trouble maker level? Please advice.


IF you both share one apple log in account it won’t let you run sweatcoin on both phones logged into the same account… technically your both earning coins on one account via two mobiles and that won’t be allowed.

The best bet is to create a new Apple ID for your husband or yourself and maybe trying again.