Trouble Maker Sneak-Peak!


Hey there sweatcoiners!
Today we’re bringing you a sneak peak of the long awaited Trouble Maker update :smiley:
First up, here’s the membership screen - it also shows some other benefits for using Trouble Maker :wink:

Let us know what you think! Anything we could change? Do you like the colour scheme?

Next up, you can see it in action!

As you can see, using Trouble Maker you can convert more steps to sweatcoins, and get a pretty cool glowing aesthetic :smiley:

Keep in mind this update isn’t released yet, and random groups of users will see it soon for testing :slight_smile:

Feel free to discuss this in the comments, or ask us at sweatcoin any burning questions you may have!

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Looks incredible and I love the new colour scheme I feel 50 swc daily is perfect and a perfect new challenge for hikers and walkers to max

I’ve noticed that you have to pay money to use it would it be possible to buy it immediately with sweatcoins which could work as we do have the direct cash out feature

I wonder that the higher or closed to 50 swc you earn the glowing colour gets brighter hmmm !?! Who knows.

Overal it looks amazing and can’t wait to see it in action. Thank you sweatcoin for your continuing of hard work towards the app. :grinning:

Anything new about trouble maker?

So now it’s turned into a paid subscription. Which means Sweatcoin is valuing a POTENTIAL 50 Sweatcoins at 1 GBP. If you’re going to start bringing in money for a premium subscription hopefully we start to see more realistic PayPal offers. 1 GBP for a potential 50 Sweatcoins, better conversion rates, etc. … That means they’ve solved problems with conversion rates and are only offering it if you pay £1 per month. A good deal, but now it’s become more exclusive and not an entirely free app.


The sneak peek looks epic and I can’t wait to try it out!!

I agree with bats that there should be a way to buy troublemaker for Sweatcoins rather than actual money, and it would allow for more users to be able to access the membership.

I also love the whole glow of the app when the subscription is activated! It makes users feel even more special achieving the subscription!

All in all it looks like an amazing improvement to the app and I can’t wait to see it in action!


Yes seed I feel even if the price is expensive in swc it will be much more appealing to users to buy the membership with sweatcoin instead of actual money.

Glad that we are on the same wavelength and hopefully many more users agree :grinning:


I take back what I said in my post. It would be cool if the subscription could only be purchased using money, as Sweatcoin is placing another value on the currency as well as solving the issue with conversion rates. Smart move! While Sweatcoin wouldn’t be an entirely free app, I think the small price of 1 gbp is worth it for the ability to earn 50 Sweatcoins a day, and I would definitely be willing to fork over a buck for this feature.


Lol but how about the rate of sweatcoin changes. I have the “cashout” feature and the rates change a lot what about if the amount of sweatcoin is based on the same rates as the cashout.


For example.

Here is a screenshot in app on my device of the cashout feature as you can see the rate has changed unfortunately it’s going down lower and lower BUT as you can see here £1 is 274 swc so. If I where to buy trouble maker with swc right now if it was available it would cost 274 or slightly less which I feel would be a good move and could help increase the rate. Hopefully when the team makes trading very simple and quick again the rate will rise whilst giving everyone the cash out feature aswell


I’m glad Trouble Maker is up to 50 Sweatcoins per day which is basically all memberships before it combined! Does the membership just cost money or do we get to choose between paying 0.00 Swc and 0.99 GBP? I understand why it would be paid with money though since it’s a special membership subscription.

There should be an option to earn Trouble Maker membership for free if you don’t want to pay money. The option would be challenges involving earning Sweatcoins or getting verified steps. Each challenge gets increasingly harder, but not too difficult.
A challenge could be choose a friend to compete with and both will be given a random number of Sweatcoins to earn or verified steps to earn. That would be the number of Sweatcoins or verified steps to earn in a day or how many days the challenge is set for. The first one to reach that number gets to move on to the next challenge.
Another challenge could be beat your personal daily, weekly, monthly best step count (the steps must pass the verification for them to count towards the challenge, regardless of Sweatcoin membership daily limits).


I’m liking the increased maximum earn… essentially a marathon a day :sunglasses::+1:t4:
I know so far most comments seem to involve the assumption that the level subscription is a monetary value. My only query ( I hope it can be forgiven for writing this - it is only an opinion) would be that as I have come to understand it, at the core of the concept is the principle of pushing the value of human movement. By introducing a firm physical currency value on the subscription does this not, in effect, devalue that which the app sets out to promote. However, by the appearance of the second column for SWC, this suggests there may be further details to come, possibly an alternative to offset the true currency cost?? Maintaining streaks? staying within a specific average range? Earning a specified number of SWC? It will be interesting to find out. :sunglasses:
Obviously, this is a couple of random screenshots to offer the general concept or visual taste, outlining the basics but without clarification of the Ts&Cs and offering the actual details, options, functionalities etc. The actual subscription level itself can’t really be assessed in full.
As for the aesthetics… Yellow probably wouldn’t have been my first choice personally but practically speaking there has to be a strong contrast in the UI for people operating the application in sunlight on a mobile screen. So, without completely recolouring, it does the trick well in these shots.
Nice work guys… lookin’ awesome…
Now… if you can just roll something out by midnight GMT tonight, that would be perfect :rofl: (Man can try)… it might be forecast for another rain filled day up North in not so sunny Bolton but it’s not like it’s gonna mess with my hairstyle (or lack of it) :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Great to hear your thoughts @Phatt.One I personally would like to see the option to be alone to purchase trouble maker with earned swc which can be based off the cashout rates or so on

I personally like the yellow it will probably look a lot nicer when looking at your phone at night as apposed to sunlight maybe the glowing colour will be much brighter than it already is so who knows

Good luck on your walk tonight buddy have a good one :blush:


I like the ideas, I would just wish there was a way to pay SWC for it too!!! Love it!!!


:weary::weary::sob::dizzy_face: I can barely do past 20 but 50 max potential… I’m dead :scream::scream: i think it is worth it though. If I try this subscription, I know I’ll def be putting myself to the ultimate walking test :laughing: :raised_hands:


Yes 50 swc is a huge challenge and a big stepping goal to achieve and is probably a prefect limit for trouble maker and it will be very cool to see users max 50 sweatcoin


Where is this cashout feature please? I’ve never seen anything like it in the App on my phone.

With no realistic way of getting hard cash out of the system any time soon I really don’t like the idea of having to pay hard cash to level up :frowning_face:

The only thing I’ve ever seen is 20,000 sweatcoins for $1,000 into PayPal, which would then convert it to £UK (which I’d expect to give me around £800 at best at the current time). So that means each £1 is about 25 sweatcoins? I’ve currently got just over 10.5k sweatcoins which it’s taken me almost 2 years to collect, and I’ve ‘spent’ very few on offers in that time!


OMG that looks awesome I can’t wait for it. I love the color scheme and everything. Is there going to be a cash out feature


If the subscriptions are based on USD, GBP, Euro, etc. then it will never be a true currency. It’ll still be viewed as online points or rewards. For it to be a currency it needs to be able to function on its own.


As of now, it’s available only to select users in the United Kingdom. Also, good job on having 10,500 generated SWCs, very few are in your league.


There are Paypal offers in the influencer marketplace in the app too, but those require invites to purchase them. Also, it takes 30 invites to unlock influencer marketplace. The cashout feature is currently only available to some users in UK and is also earned Sweatcoins only. I’m not sure when cashout will be available everyone. Earning 10.5k is great! You’re halfway there. Don’t forget to claim the daily rewards everyday and invite new users with your referral link if you can. Sweatcoins earned from walking, daily rewards, and invites with your referral all count towards the $1000 Paypal offer.


A couple of days last week my steps converted to just over 20 coins - so I got my 20, and was then shown a message saying I’m missing out and should upgrade. I clicked on the ‘links’ to upgrade (both the conversion screen and the home screen where I saw these messages), only to be informed that Troublemaker is ‘coming soon’ !!!

Frustrated is an understatement, especially as saying ‘dismiss’ on the front screen doesn’t stop the message that I could upgrade coming up again should I go back to that page !!!