Trouble Maker Sneak-Peak!


@Ashton 2 Months Later… Can we get an update every month or so because I am pretty sure the community wants to know what’s going on and what’s taking this update so long?


I was just coming to ask for an update.

2 months is a loooong wait for a ‘coming soon’, especially after having a sneak peak.

Mind, I’ve been told be the app that it’s ‘coming soon’ for over 2 years, so perhaps by Christmas 2021 it’ll actually have been delivered ???


I am new to this community. It’s so frustrating I have been telling EVERYONE in my life about Sweatcoin and they just don’t listen to me. They go “uh huh uh huh” and barely listen. It’s so frustrating because I’m trying to get the people I care about, in on the relatively small secret before it blows up…oh well. I guess when my sweatcoins are actually worth money, they’ll wish they listened to me!

Any updates by the way?


So now I’m the one looking like an idiot as apparently Sweatcoin is not doing blockchain anymore??? So I bought all these coins for nothing


@msutch825 Why do you think that? Their long term vision is to make it a cryptocurrency. At least that’s wat I read


I don’t know someone said it to me. I don’t know what to think. But I do know this company has great characters and very smart people behind it. So I feel a little more confident now then I did at the time of writing this.