Trouble Maker Tier


Who’s paying for this Top Tier membership?
And @Phatt.One… Seeing the steps you was previously doing, I’m surprised you’re only on the Breaker tier. Not willing to pay???


Lol. He use to be so active on here. Now he’s gone quiet along with the staff. Think even he’s pissed off with the app now.


Whateva you guys are smokin’ d’ya fancy passin it round :crazy_face:
I took this… well… whenever the time says :man_facepalming:t3:

Duno where you guys bin lookin :rofl:


100k steps in a day. Do you walk to a different county or something mate lol. I do 30-45K a day and I work on a huge building site and I don’t drive so I walk to and from work. How many coins you got no.


:rofl: Funny you should ask… No I don’t walk to a different country. This one should mess with your noodle… I work from home, not just with the pandemic but in general. I tend to go for a walk/jog for 20-30k steps at night, sometimes (like this morning) I just kept going until I passed 50k then went home and plodded along on the treadmill and finished off the project I was working on using the makeshift desk over the treadmill.
If I’m perfectly honest, I’m messing with another activity reward app. They have “One vs All” Challenges and around this time last year, they had their first challenge with the developer challenging all users and a prize of a £100 Amazon voucher. I joined the challenge but on day two they suspended my account claiming my activity wasn’t possible. On day 3, after asking for and reviewing the health data, they admitted that it all checked out as legitimate but the woman that wrote to me to admit it was really quite bitter and obnoxious to the point she told me she would reinstate the account but she still didn’t think it was humanly possible from the activity to be true. I wouldn’t mind quite so much but it was literally around 100k steps per day two days on the run. This weekend I kicked in about the same in one session :rofl:. Anyway, she left it until near the end of day 7, the final day of the contest before unlocking my account. Simply to make sure I couldn’t claim first place and the £100 prize. It’s sort of put me off entering any of the other challenges over the past year. However, 2.5 days into the latest “one vs all” challenge, I accidentally joined the challenge. So I’m just messing with her head a little for no other reason but because I can :rofl: So far Ive managed to climb to third place. I’m not interested in actually winning, I ain’t that competitive. However, I do quite enjoy screwing around and taking the pi55. So, I just wanna see if the same person tries the same stunt again to be honest. I’m on about 114K at the moment, but if I can manage it, I think I might try and just keep going until the end of the contest to see what happens. Assuming I can keep moving for the next two days anyway. Even to keep going through tonight and tomorrow will probably do the trick. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Sorry, half answered question lol.
I’m up to around 9k earned now :grimacing:


Says on your profile you’re on Breaker tier… Oh well, Sweatcoin obviously don’t update there info that often. So I’m thinking of paying for the year, to get me nearer the top prizes sooner. Is that what you do. Have you had any issues with T M since paying for it?
And you saying you’re not competitive, give me a break, you’re SUPER competitive man. Nothing wrong in that…
So you must have passed the 20k mark already, being a super walker and a member for 3 years. What did you do with your coins… Give them away or spend them. Just interested if you claimed any of the top tier prizes?


Lol Believe it or not, I’m not actually competitive. For a start I don’t move fast enough for that kind of thing. Plus at 40 odd I really can’t be bothered with all of that kind of thing. Just because I end up steps ahead, I doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m in competition for it. It just means that I stay active because I can. The only competitive streak I have is to challenge my own abilities. For example at the moment I’m actually a bit annoyed with myself. It’s 10 to midnight and I’ve just hit 120,000 steps brought on Saturday I hit 131,000 steps. That’s not called progress :rofl:. To be honest neither did did I expect to do it or set out with a plan to push so far.
Most of my coins have been donated to show support for the charities in the app. Although recently I have started saving a few coins.


@Seaside71 It was me that didn’t update the level to Trouble Maker lol. I have done now so should show right now :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Well keep going til you get to the prize goals price of 25k,and claim it,this time!


Nice! I’m at 11.5K looooool


Lol Interesting plan, I Not had the bucket list offers for some time now


It’s a awful app to say the least. Also how Emma and Ashton Oleg etc have all gone quiet.


i bought an offter the Ogarden one for 8000 sweatcoins, i could not redeem the code beacuse the company has become bankrupt, and sweatcoin are still selling the offer as the moment typing. swc don’t answer when asking for refund they are completely silent so lost all of my hard earned swc :frowning: their support is like none existent, i think i might me quitting this app soon.


That’s a shame mate… hope you get it sorted.


It’s all a clever con isn’t it ladies and gentleman. I hold my hands up as I fell for it and thought there was a pot of £1000 PayPal gold at the end of the 20,000 coin rainbow.

Take the ‘i’ out of Sweatcoin and that’s what this is. Even the poxy lower offers always depend on subscriptions or handing over your bank details or high postage fees etc.

Just waiting now for the TV to be ‘sold out’ even though there is no TV and you are sent the cash equivalent.


Wanna buy my coin. Hahaha.


No thanks lol. Your best bet is eBay although have decreased in value since it has become apparent the app isn’t what people thought