Trouble Maker? When!?


Hi, anyone can tell me when will issue the Trouble Maker? Thanks


At present we don’t have a definitive date. However, there has been testing and development to make it a little special rather than just a higher limit. I’ve been waiting a couple of years now but I believe it will be worth waiting for.


I’ve been waiting a whole decade


10 out of 10 for the witty response :sunglasses::+1:t4:


So just for some clarity here – we launched an experimental version of Trouble Maker a few months back to a small number of users. We’re currently collecting results on this to decide how we can improve our subscriptions, and whether to launch Trouble Maker across all of our users. Your feedback here in the forum was valuable in letting us know that there’s still some things that need tweeking before it’ll be released to our Sweatcoiners. You deserve only the best!


I am more interested in Sweatcoin empires. And I think a lot of people are too. Please release it soon. The suspense is killing us


Personally I can’t wait for TM. I max out daily 20SWC by 2/3pm. I work on a huge building site.


Month later still waiting lol.