Troublemaker level


Has anyone else gotten Troublemaker yet? I got it today it was first time I noticed it! Didn’t get 50 SWC today but hope tomorrow I will.



It ain’t long came out for me. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


I got trouble maker as well.
But I think I didn’t pay 5,99€ for 6 years (photo) but for 6 months.


Max out it everyday your have 20K in no time :sunglasses:


I believe it only started on the full rollout Last weekend. So far it seems to work quite well :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Put it this way, here is my lunchtime screenshot today…


I cannt get troublemaker yet. Don’t know why. Have tried uninstalling the app and trying again but still no go. Using android phone any ideas anyone?


Is still not available for Android devices, only for iOs, been trying to figure out when is coming out for Android users but no information about that, we will have to be patient!


I have an Android, Samsung Note 10+ 5G. I upgraded to Troublemaker a few days ago. At my age and disability issues I won’t ever make 50$SC in a day but for only $13 a year I earn double the coins and I kinda like being titled a Troublemaker!