Unable to bid on auction


Hi all;

There is a currently an auction for a 55 inch tv on the app. I have more than the current highest bid but the app states i dont have enough coins. Any ideas why?

The coins i have are a combination of those earned myself and those earned by family. The auction does not state the coins must be earned by yourself only.

There are only a few hours left, any help would be appreciated.



No idea, i haven’t got this feature yet


I haven’t got this feature yet either. I believe you can probably only bid with the coins you have earned yourself not sent coins. Only
Earned coins.


You’re probably right - but the rules for the auction doesn’t state that, whereas when looking at buying a tv for 20k sweatcoins it specifically says “only coins you earned”


Coins earned would only be fair because otherwise if let’s say 5 to 10 people would team up and join coins a normal individual sweatcoiner would never win a single auction…


Makes sense.

Oh well, i’ll continue walking!


Anyone else got auctions yet. Clucking for it now lol.


No but seen it on friends phone. The marathon offers have all gone and the first item auction was a TV which went for 17500 coins. The auction lasted two days. Can you imagine how many people will be bidding when they roll it out to everybody if it’s one thing at a time! It is going to be almost impossible to win an auction – we will have to wait-and-see though. At the moment the auction is for the Therogan Pro.


Most likely they will scale it up a bit following the full roll out.

Some month ago one user reported that sweatcoin had sales of >6m in 2019 (most likely higher now) so there should be room for more than one TV per week :crossed_fingers:


By the way 17,5k seems that bidders act kind of reasonable (~ 3.x pence per SWC).


Yes. Until we see the new set up it’s hard to judge. There could be as you say multiple auction items. Obviously the fewer there are the higher the prices will be driven up. Supply and Demand make the world go round.


17.5K for a tv? How big was this tv and what brand name was it? I’ve got 12.5K here’s me thinking
I got half a chance lol.

Either way. I assume there is thousands of users with Sweatcoin who don’t know about or use this forum

Also. I don’t understand how tv prizes are acceptable when… it’s a fitness app… lol


55 inch TV. I think you will find unless there’s multiple offers the chances of bagging a big offer will be minimal. The forum is not really relevant to the auction as it’s on the app with the small offers and crowdfunding. Emma did mention the ability to buy gift cards so that may be a chance to use them.


They may not be acceptable - doesn’t mean they aren’t welcome!


This is true lol. This is very true.


Hi! I can confirm that auctions are earned by you coins only - otherwise Hansi2019’s comment would be true with people teaming up to outbid :grimacing:
I’ve let the team know and they’re updating the description of auctions to reflect this!