Unable to upgrade to Trouble Maker


Hello everyone. I have today gone over the 20SC limit for Breaker level and have been advised to upgrade to the Trouble Maker level for 50SC. However, when I go to the upgrade page - Trouble Maker is still ‘Coming Soon’. Why is this?
I am currently using an iPhone 6S Plus. Is this phone too old now to use Trouble Maker?



The phone has nothing to do with the model, is currently inactive. for about 1 year so i started using sweatcoin for 1 year, as far as i know it is not active. Nearby: P


There are many users waiting on the level opening up. I’m one of em since 2017 lol
The Sweatcoin team have been working on making the Trouble Maker subscription something more than just a higher daily conversion cap. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be much longer to wait but think it’s gona be worth the wait in the end :sunglasses::+1:t4: I certainly hope so anyway… I’ve just about got my daily average up to 50k steps ready to max out that subscription on a regular basis too, once it’s opened up that is :rofl: