Unwanted auction prize


I have bid in error and ended up winning the Alo Yoga gift card. I have no idea how this happened- I suspect a pocket bid, or small person picked up my phone. I have no interest in Yoga, I would like it to go to the next highest bidder and get my sweat coins back. How do I do this. I have messaged support and replied to the automatic email but not had any response. What do I do? I feel like I have wasted 3 years of diligent step collection!


C’mon sweatcoin it’s been a week now since I raised a support request and still no reply at all


Maybe see if you can sell it online? Get cash for it. You wouldn’t get the SC back, but you’d convert them to actual money. Just a thought. Good luck!


if I thought there was any chance of getting a decent price for it I’d do that - but who would actually buy a $1000 gift card!


All sorted now. Sweatcoin have given me cash payment so all is great :blush:


So you got 1000$ ? So
You had a choice? I didn’t think that was a option.


Yeah it would great if someone could clear this up, when you win an auction do you have the option to to have the cash alternative and is it the value of the auction prize???


I was given the option to receive it by bank transfer on the form that you complete to claim the prize. I don’t know whether this option is for all prizes. Perhaps some other auction winners could comment?


Would be nice to have that choice. But then again. Everyone will just go for big priced items. Such as the Samsung tv. Or peloton bike.


In the form there is no option to choose item or cash. If the item is unavailable there is option to choose between PayPal or Transferwise.


Either way. FairPlay to
You both. Well deserved


Ah ok, cheers both and well done👍