Unwanted followers


I have a severely mentally ill ex-boyfriend who I have blocked in every way possible including having voicemail removed from my phone. He recently started following me on sweatcoin. How can I make him stop?


Unfortunately for you, you can’t…


So, because you don’t care whether he kills me or not, i have to delete your app AND give it a bad review. Nice. Thanks for your help.


Well he can’t see where you are only how many steps your doing he isn’t really getting any information about you so if your gonna delete and bad review the app go ahead but I doubt anyone would really care


Seems a tad shortsighted to not allow people to block followers though. If Sweatcoin ever wants to incorporate more features that take advantage of the following they would need such a feature and it seems there is already demand.


You can block users on iOS.


Someone’s angry lol. Bye then


That’s what I thought. :thinking: When I press and hold on a user, it gives me the option to block them. But I’m in the US and it looks like the app is very different in some countries. And maybe that’s only for iOS? It seems like there must be a way for other platforms tho. My daughter and I experimented with the followers/following settings awhile back. When I went into the SWC app, and blocked it from accessing my contacts, she couldn’t see me. And when I’m not following someone, all I can see is when they joined and their lifetime coins. There seems to be no way to search all users in general. I don’t see any other way to connect with them outside of FB, etc. without specifically sending them an invite link. I can’t find any discussions or posts confirming this tho. Anybody know if this for sure?