Updating sweatcoin


So I get penalized every time I try to update the app. Any idea on how to update sweatcoin without shutting it down, to update it?


24 hours later and sweatcoin support hasn’t responded to my post here or my email to [email protected]


Also a never ending notification red dot. Will not go away, no matter what you look at or restart.


Hey! Sorry to hear you feel that way :frowning: We never mean it like that, just a reminder!
Also, to do with the wallet - that’s a notification telling you you’ve had a transaction. Maybe its an old transaction from a friend you need to tap on to clear :slight_smile:


How about my first question?


There’s nothing we can do about the app shutting down to update :confused: I’ll pass on a note to the creators so they can talk about re-wording it a little better :slight_smile: