Ways to make Sweatcoin more profitable and enjoyable


Previously, Android HP user are motivated when they can see their fellow friends’ daily.
This has being remove long ago making the follow and following totally useless for Android user. I have spend quite a bit of time searching for active breakers (before the start of Trouble Maker) but I guess too long a listing might also slow down the speed of the app and data usage which cause the total removal of this feature

May I suggest capping the following listing to 30 max per member.
Why the magical number 30 ? Well, this is the magical number use for influencer so I just use this number (This is also a cut of a few hundred friend from my follow listing)
If anyone would like to increase the number of SWC user to track … one can purchase them with google opinion reward money.
Currently, I have overflowing google opinion reward money without any place to use them.

By doing so, every member will seriously start adding active and useful friends to their listing and not misuse the following list

As for the follow listing, SWC might also like to limit it to 30 max randomly selected followers who are still actively using the app and not on the following listing

On a positive note, it will restart the follow and following listing for Android user which is currently a complete blank.
As for Apple user, sorry but it is time for you to reorganize your listing to a lean but active group
For SWC app, it is a new feature to make some $$$ from people like me who got no where to spend their google money


Previously when Leaderboard was available in android phone, I am never short of free motivation. This is true be it I check my listing in the morning, afternoon or evening as I have over 400 active friends globally ! The list of top stepper keep changing over times
Now, there is only Phatt.One who hardly challenging at all (as I am always behind him almost all the time)